Holybro Shuriken 180 BNF with Spektrum RX  Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock Shuriken 180

Spektrum DX9

3s1300mAH, 4s1550mAH batteries


- Beautiful clean looking

- Durable as heck


- Good price

- Great customer service

- High quality feel


- Manual is too brief

- Camera protector obstructs view when camera is pointed straight


- Race32 F3 32-bit flight controller with independent anti-vibration IMU

- Flight controller pre-loaded with CleanFlight

- 5.8GHz, 25mW / 600mW switchable, 40-channel video transmitter with the built-in switch and channel display

- Integrated PDB with heatsink bottom plate which is reinforced by fiberglass

- OneShot125 ESCs, 20A continuous current, 30A instantaneous current

- 1806 - 2700KV, 3mm large-shaft motors

- PAL / NTSC switchable, 800TVL camera

- 3K carbon fiber top plate with injection-molded plastic skirt and skid protection

- Spektrum receiver

- 180mm 4 inch propellers

- Convenient carrying case



Okay, my disclaimer for this Shuriken 180 review is, I am not an expert racer (YET... though I just won my first competition a few weeks ago), and I only recently started spending more time behind my goggles. I am writing the review of the Shuriken 180 to a relative newbie or intermediate in the  world of race drones.  That said, the Shuriken is by no means, just a beginner quad. It can be tamed down for beginners to fly it very easily, but I've seen a few guys do some pretty amazing things with this quad.


Up until this summer, I just owned one actual race drone. It was decent, but when I got together with a few quad guys, I realized how inadequate my quad was. Over the next couple months, I acquired a couple more quads. They were definite upgrades to my original, but I found they were simply not fast enough.  One evening as I was browsing around looking at quads online, I saw the Shuriken 250 and 180. It was truly love at first site. I usually go back and forth on my purchases over the course of a few days, but with the Shuriken 180, I was compelled to buy it the night I saw it.



This section will be quick. Unboxing the Shuriken 180 was the most pleasant experience I have ever had in my years of buying RC products. It felt like someone had sent me a gift and had thought about presentation and wow factor.  The Shuriken 180 comes in very nicely made carrying case along that fits the quad perfectly. There is a slot for the antenna, and the quad can be stored with the propellers still on. My wife, who usually has no interest in my hobby, walked by and said, "Wow, that looks really nice, that didn't come with that case did it?"  I must say, the Shuriken 180 looks even better in person that it does in pictures and videos. The fit and finish is perfect.



The quad itself is fully assembled minus the props, which of course you'll want to keep off until you bind it and do your setup. As the manual has very limited information, you are kinda stuck having to do some research to find out how to set your quad up. It's not rocket science, but you do have to google it and watch a few youtube videos to get you going. There is also a Facebook Group of Shuriken owners that are EXCELLENT at helping out. If you have any trouble setting yours up, feel free to email me and I'll share my settings with you or do my best to help you out. I took the advice I got on Facebook and installed BetaFlight instead of using CleanFlight.  I made a few mistakes on my setup at first, but finally got my switches and PID's set exactly the way I like them.  The good part is I was able to accidentally do a durability test for you! My first setup was CRAZY sensitive. I tried to fly a circuit in my tight parking lot at home and I ended up flipping it and slamming it into the pavement top down. I also had forgotten to setup a throttle kill so it slapped itself around on the ground until I hit the disarm switch. Much to my surprise, the only things damaged were 2 of the propellers. If it handled pavement that well, I imagine it will take dirt and grass with the best of them.



Well, you heard about my first real maiden, unfortunately, I didn't get footage of that. My first maiden with decent settings is the top video below. The other two videos are with the settings I created with some trial and error and I love them. They fit my way of flying perfectly. The second video is of a few minutes of short line of sight speed runs, and the final video is of my first FPV flight with the Shuriken 180.  That said, once I had proper settings, I went outside and did some testing. The funny part about my first real flight was I took off and was flying around thinking I was in self-leveling mode. The quad felt really stable yet quick! It wasn't until I flipped my flight mode switch that it actually DID go to self-leveling mode and I saw the difference. On self-level mode, the Shuriken almost feels like it has a GPS hold. The fast motors really help level out as soon as you stop giving input...it's pretty impressive. With my settings, even on acrobatic mode, it still feels like you are in control of it the whole time. Out of my current lineup of 3 race quads, the Shuriken is the one that I feel really does what I tell it to do, I never feel like I am battling it for control, nor do I feel like it has any bad flight tendencies.


Did I mention this thing hauls ass? Even in self leveling mode, when I tip the quad and punch it, it stays pretty horizontal and has zero tendency to start dropping. I have flown it with 4s1550mah batts and 3s1300mah batts and I love it both ways. With the 4s, you definitely get a ton of punch and how quickly you can change direction is amazing. 3s flight is also very satisfying. If you don't own any 4s batteries, you will still be impressed with flight on 3s. It is still pretty darn fast, and punch-outs are still great, but just not as strong as with 4s. To best summarize the difference, you are going from GREAT on 3s, to GREATER on 4s. With other quads, 3s can be kind of a drag...not the case with the Shuriken 180.  I'll post another video on this page once I get the hang of flipping or fly around a course.



I don't know exactly who designed this quad, but who ever did, deserves a lot of credit. The shape, layout, the fit, the look are absolutely top notch. The only thing I may switch out is the antenna, mostly to just so it matches the antenna on my goggles. I would have liked an OSD built in, but I didn't expect it at this price, so it is something I may add later. Flying line of site with this thing is a hoot as you get to see it whiz and disappear high into the sky with a nice dose of throttle. At the same time, it is a blast to fly FPV and see your surroundings passing by at such a high rate of speed. It is by far the most fun quad I own. Because I know this one is so durable, I will use it to start learning some acrobatics confident that if I slam into the dirt, I will likely just have to dust it off or maybe change a prop. This experience with HolyBro and with this Shuriken 180 has made me feel like I found a brand I can stick with... kinda like when you find a good pair of jeans and stick with that brand for all of your jeans lol. I look forward to exploring what else HolyBro has to offer and seeing which other quads I can add to my fleet.  You owe it to yourself to check them out. And as I mentioned, if you are having trouble finding answers, ask me, I can point you in the right direction.


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