Phoenix Models Sonic .25 low wing EP/GP Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

OS. 25 fx

JRST47BB servos

6v receiver battery

AR400 receiver

JR switch harness

APC 10x6 prop


-cheap... $64.99 for an ARF is pretty awesome, I think the regular price is $84.99

-durable fuse and wings

-pre-hinged surfaces!

-nice hatch and electric parts conversion set


-two piece wing is held on with crappy plastic bolts.

-4.8v and 6v battery have to be "jerry rigged" in place

-bad instructions

-how far are you supposed to mount the motor forward? I dunno, it didn't say in the manual either

-thin aluminum wing tube, that I bet I could get to bend in a high G elevator pull.

-had a few extra parts I didn't know what to do with, weren't in the instructions for electric or nitro versions


This was the second version of this plane, the original used one less servo, and a single piece wing which I think added to its rigidity and great flight performance.... I don't know why they decided to make a 2 part wing, with a wing tube and these 4 horrible small wing nuts that you have to take the battery and receiver out to put the wing on. Actually My wing nuts wouldn't go into the wings past two threads, so I had to get machine screws to replace them. And on top of that, the blind nut in the front of the wing came loose adding to more frustration. Putting the wings on is a hassle, and they still wobble when the bolts are in. Be careful with the wing tube, any dent will more than likely help it bend out of shape.


The motor I used for this plane makes it fast, and possibly could be the reason it doesn't track well. You can't beat the price and, if you can get over the headache of putting the wings on it flies. It doesn't have the precision the first version had, but has the trainer feel for a cheap price.