Sphero Mini™ Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- Sphero Mini

- Pins & Cones Accessory Pack

- iPhone 7


- Small and cute!

- Comes with 3 cones, 6 bowling pins

- Charges quickly

- Runs a nice amount of time per charge

- Fast but can be slowed down in the app

- Easy to control

- Several driving options

- Suitable for pretty much all ages!

- Durable

- Inexpensive!


- Wish it were waterproof like the original Sphero Ball.

- Should have included 10 pins


I'm keeping this review short as pretty much everything you need to know is in the video review down below. That said, I have been a big Sphero fan since I first got their original ball a few years ago. I have enjoyed my Sphero BB-8 and went bananas for their new R2-D2. When they announced the Mini and revealed it's wallet friendly price, I put my order in as soon as I could.


Unboxing and Setup:

The Sphero Mini comes in a cute box with the ball showing through a clear plastic box sticking out of the white lower section of the box. Inside the box is the Mini, the charging cable, 3 traffic cones and 6 bowling pins. There isn't much of a manual in there, though the box tells you to download the Sphero Mini app. I recommend you watch my video, or another Mini video while you charge your Mini. Once the light on the Mini turns green, you are ready to play!


Driving and Playing:

For my driving tests, I recruited my 10 year old son to help me out. I know I am a pretty good driver, but I also wanted to see how intuitive it was for a child. He was having a blast in no time! Our BB8 has some trouble on my carpet, but the Mini easily rolls over the top of it. He and I were both impressed with how fast the Mini can roll around on our carpet. Of course it can go even faster on hard surfaces, but you'll get more of a spin-out at first. Both surfaces are fun for different reasons. Of the 4 driving modes: Tilt (uses the phone as a controller), Joystick (virtual joystick on your phone screen), facial control (uses your face to move the ball), and slingshot (works like a virtual Angry Birds launcher), I found the joystick mode the easiest and most intuitive. The slingshot mode works better on carpet and is fun for trying to knock objects down (though the bowling pins are too small to stand on carpet). There are a few other features like gaming control and java script that I didn't bother with, but they are there. I just wanted to do this review on it's basic features, the features I feel most people are going to use when they buy this.


We have had so much fun with this ball, more than I thought we would. Though it's a heap of fun to drive around courses we make in the house, I think we have mostly used it for bowling. We use the coffee table, and we set up the pins and pretty much play regular bowling. It is such a hoot and keeps us chuckling the whole time. The whackier you drive the Mini, the more fun you'll have, especially when you are trying to know stuff down :)  We love this one, but I think we need another. We plan on buying another one to see if we can have some races and also to maybe have a crash derby! The options are limitless as to what you can do with this thing. Be creative and invent your own game!



I am yet to be disappointed with a Sphero product. I love every single thing that I own from them. If you have been considering a Sphero app controlled toy, the Mini gives you an easy and inexpensive step into the world of Sphero. I have a feeling that the Mini is going to be one of the hottest, must have holiday gifts of 2017. I would order sooner than later to make sure you can get your hands on one before the holidays. Don't worry about the product link below, it goes straight to their store and is not an affiliate link that benefits me in any way. I am not that kind of reviewer. If I am not mistaken, you can also find Sphero products at Best Buy and the Apple store. Please watch my video below, and subscribe. I really think you are going to enjoy the new Sphero Mini!


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