Sport Cub BNF with AS3X® Technology Mini-Review

Image Credit: Horizon Hobby

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Spektrum DX8

- 6" servo extension

- G-Force 2200 40c 3S LiPo


- Price is nice (comes with car charger, 1300 Eflite LiPo, Push rods for optional flaps, and struts for floats)

- Easy to build

- Small enough to keep in the car

- Perfect for some slow sport flying

- Big wheels help with taller grass

- Will slow to a crawl without flaps


- Wheels are hard foam

- Scale wheel struts snap on, and the plastic broke on one side

- The wing gets put on with 4 screws, kind of a hassle to take off and on (minor considering the size)


THIS THING IS AWESOME. I was able to slap it together in about 10-15 minutes, if you take your time I'm sure it won't take longer than 30. With a couple of screws you are in business. Binding and programming is a breeze but this is where I added the optional 6" extension. If you tuck the extension into the battery compartment you won't have to take the wing off for binding. The battery compartment is made for 1300- 3000 mah batteries and you can see a lot of thought went into this one. From the vortex generators to the big wheels and larger battery compartment, this is a winner. It took off in a snap from 3-4" grass. Every input from this plane is on the slower side, but its just a blast to toss around. It will hover with some speed going into it, but will then tail slide with the nose pointing up. It has extreme rudder authority and will hammer head just like a sport plane should. Inverted flight doesn't require much elevator input, and will stay in the air at really slow speeds. Rolls and Knife edges are easy to perform with the recommended 100% throws from the instruction manual. You do have to pull up a bit on the elevator in a knife edge, but it will keep a line well.


Landing isn't a problem with the huge wheels. It will gently come back to the ground with a bit of elevator input, and power off. I did break a plastic wheel strut, they just clip on. And I can see the hard wheels being a little too bouncy on a hard surface. This is going to be my go-to plane that I just love to fly and keep in the back seat. This would be a perfect training platform for those wanting to get into the hobby with a friend, or a good second plane after some sim time and 3ch starter plane.