SKYRC SR5 1/4 Scale Super Rider RC Motorcycle Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All Stock Equipment

- 2s Lipo

- 3s Lipo


Motor: 540 Brushless 3200KV

ESC: 60A

Battery: NiMH Battery (6 cell, 3000mAh)

Wheel Front: 160mm

Wheel Rear: 150mm

Size: 525x416 (L&H)

FlySky FS-GT2B Transmitter

Box includes:

1. RC Bike w/ Rider

2. Transmitter

3. Support Bars

4. NiMH Battery (6S, 3000mAh)

5. eN3 Charger

6. 4 AA Battery for Radio

7. Replacement small parts

8. Wrenches

9. Bind Plug

10. Instruction Manual


- Great looking

- BIG, Fast, Powerful, AWESOME!

- Aluminum chassis

- Solid electronics

- Durable

- Great range of speed

- Adjustable gyro

- Good transmitter


- Tires were unglued out of the box

- Would love some hop-up parts

- Needed to file down tips of support bars to fit them in the hole


When it comes to RC, I am a jack of all trades and the master of none. I fly helicopters, quadcopters, foam airplanes, giant scale gas airplanes, paramotors, I drive 1/10, 1/8 and 1/6 scale cars, I have a great 1/16 scale tank and I have a Sphero BB8. When it comes down to it, if I can control it with a transmitter, I love it.  As such, I don't limit myself to one discipline of RC.  I am always on the lookout for the next best thing or something unique.  This year has been a good one for finding cool things. First was finally getting my hands on a great quality tank from Taigen Tanks. Second, was getting my Oxy 1.5 Motorized Paraglider from Opale Paragliders. Finally, my most recent "cool thing" is the SKY-RC SR5 1/4 scale motorbike.


Early on as I was building my surface RC collection, I saw an RC motorcycle at the local hobby shop.  I asked about it, and the fella behind the counter asked me if I lived in a really wide open area or had access to big parking lots or yard.  My answer was no, I live in a townhouse.  He assured me that if I bought that motorcycle, that I'd be disappointed.  He said it was hard to drive and that to keep it balanced, I needed to constantly drive pretty fast.  I appreciated his honesty and drove home miraculously with my money in my pocket and an empty trunk.  Over the last few years, I have seen companies here and there release similar motorcycles to the one I had seen.  Recently, I was browsing the RC section of and I saw the SKY-RC SR5.  I started reading the info and looking at the pictures and was drawn in by the aluminum chassis, and the inclusion of an electric stability system. I decided to search youtube for footage of the SR5. There weren't tons of videos out there, but enough for me to notice that the bike looked really stable and also that it was BIG and could take some abuse.  I'm not a huge risk taker, but at $289 shipped, I figured if I didn't like it, I could sell it or just take the hit for the sake of getting the info for you guys!  Obviously, I ordered it. Read on!



I have not done an extensive amount of ordering from Banggood (though that will now change), but I have always heard that shipping can take anywhere from 10 days, to 3 weeks or so since the shipment is coming from China.  Much to my surprise, I received my box from Banggood, 7 days after I ordered it. Just to let you know how excited I was, I canceled plans with some friends so I could start my testing immediately after opening the box.


The SR5 came nicely double boxed with no damage to either the outside box or the product box.  When I opened the product box I was greeted by a fully intact (except the support bars) motorcycle.  The motorcycle with the rider are HUGE, way bigger than I expected.  A fully assembled bike stand is also included and is really nice.  I never planned on using the included battery or charger, but one thing that made me REALLY HAPPY was that along with the charger was a male XT60 plug on leads with bullets at the ends. What that meant was I didn’t have to solder my own charge leads or buy one!  I had already ordered a 3s battery with a XT60 already on there and I also soldered up an XT60 to Deans plug to test with other 2s batteries I own. I was pleased to see this package included a FlySky FS-GT2B transmitter.  FlySky transmiters are great budget transmitters and if you already own any of their higher end transmitters, you'll be able to bind to this receiver.


I had some batteries already charged so the only thing left to do was install the support guards. These are the little metal semicircle bars that go on each side of the motorcycle to prevent damage from turning too sharp, too slow or from crashing. They are not necessary, and I will probably take them off once I fully master this thing, but for now, they are inconspicuous enough to leave on.  When I went to install them, I noticed I could not easily slide the ends into the holes they go in where they are then secured with grub screws.  This was a quick fix as a couple passes with my Dremel smoothed out the ends and they slide in easily. Sand paper will work too if you find you have the same issue.


The only other issue I encountered before my first run was the rear tire being slightly unglued.  I fixed this in less than a minute with some CA glue I had in my toolbox. This has happened with a few RTR cars I have bought from Traxxas and HPI so it was no real issue. Just make sure you inspect any product you buy from any brand before using it.



I read through the manual, which we should all do all the time even if we know what we’re doing.  For my testing I used 2s lipos and 3s lipos. I decided against using the 6 cell stock nimh pack because I knew driving time would probably be less than 10 minutes and the similarity in voltage to a 2s lipo would probably give me similar speeds.  One note before you start driving, let the gyro spool up until you hear a constant RPM, then you are safe to drive.


My first test was with a 2s5000mah lipo.  It is a tight fit, but it does go in provided the connector wires are situated in the corner. You may have fitment issues with a battery this size if your wires are on top or in front in the middle.  I left the gyro in it’s stock setting and let the motorcycle pull away from my hand with a little bit of throttle.  I was amazed at how slow the SR5 could drive without even slightly tipping to either side.  The gyro really does a great job in stabilizing the bike.


Driving a motorcycle is different from a car, almost in the way flying a helicopter is different from flying a plane. Mostly similar techniques, but don’t expect to just start driving around turning, skidding and bashing right away the way you would with a new RC car. If you are familiar with driving an RC, it won’t take you long to get a hang of driving the SR5. It is pretty intuitive and once you see how much steering and throttle you need for a tight turn, then you are good to go. Of course, I started in a smallish parking lot so I had to learn fast, but if you have access to a huge field or open space, you will learn a bit quicker. Once I got the hang of the SR5 in my parking lot, I figured it was time to head to a bigger location, my local baseball diamond.


The SR5 comes with a 540 Brushless 3200KV motor.  That is what a lot of 1/10 scale cars come with, so imagine all that power on one wheel!!!  With a 2s lipo, you can wheelie pretty easily. There is plenty of power and plenty of speed on 2s.  I was able to get to 25mph on 2s though you may be able to get a little higher. I tested on a baseball field and on pavement and I felt like I ran out of room pretty quickly. I drove around on the 2s5000mah for about 20 minutes of mixed driving and still had a decent amount of battery left.  I was pretty surprised that the motor and esc were not even notably warm after all that running.


I was so happy driving around on 2s that I forgot I still had to test 3s!!! I tossed in my 3s3300mah soft pack battery next.  There is room for a larger 3s, but I already owned a few this size and they fit really well.  With the 3s now in place, I drove away from my hand the way I was doing with 2s.  I got a few feet away from me and punched the throttle… HOLY COW!!! The motorcycle pretty much did a back flip then quickly bounced back onto the wheels.  There is TONS of power on tap using 3s.  You can even wheelie when you are already driving pretty fast.  On the same terrains I drove on with 2s, I was able to achieve 36mph.  I’m pretty sure those of you with smoother, larger driving areas will be able to hit 40mph.  This thing is a beast and incredibly fun and exhilarating to drive.  It runs great on grass, but I find that my favorite terrain is loose dirt, like in a baseball field.


As I pay for most things I review, I didn’t want to do a full durability test the way some reviewers do, but I did want to drive it freely to see if there were any weak spots.  What I did find after a few cartwheels was that it didn’t take too much to knock the drivers head off. Some may find this a nuisance, but I honestly think this is a good thing. It allows the impact to be absorbed by the head and lets it pull off versus transferring the entire impact to the rest of the motorcycle.  I feel the same way about the the tail shelf (the bar in the back where the rear fender goes and protects the back of the bike). It bends on a hard impact, but again, I think it makes it easier on the bike versus it being a rigid part.  When I did bend mine, it just took a little elbow grease to bend it back to shape.  If you damage yours too badly, there is little to worry about as the replacement part costs $6.99 and that includes a set of support bars.


After a few more runs on 3s, I really got the hang of throttle management with that much power. You’re preference may be different than mine, but I prefer to run it on 3s and drive conservatively, then hammer the throttle when I want to show off or want that extra bit of exhilaration.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with 2s or 3s… the SR5 is a hoot to drive on both batteries.


I haven’t taken any video of it jumping (I will soon), though I did do some mild jumping with my bike ramp.  If you are decent at jumping RC cars, the motorcycle is pretty similar.  Blip the throttle to pitch up and hit the break to pitch down.  I was on pavement, so I didn’t want to jump to high and end up breaking my new favorite RC. I am like that with most of the RCs that I own. I prefer driving more carefully and intentional, than having to constantly replace broken parts from driving maniacally.  That said, I did run into the curb, flip several times in the grass, and bounce off 3rd base in the baseball diamond... so far, everything has held up really well.



I must tell you, I feel kind of bad for my other surface vehicles.  Since I got the SR5, it has been the only vehicle I reach for when I go outside driving. My son recently got a new bike and likes to ride it as much as he can. I never say no as it gives me an excuse to go outside with him to drive my SR5.


In a nutshell, the SKY-RC SR5 is the motorcycle I have been waiting for all these years.  Durable construction, great looks, and nice electronics make for a great product. It is pretty large and it still ends up costing less than a decent brushless RC car.  I really hope these catch on as I’d like to see SKY-RC make clear, paintable bodies.  I’d also love to see a street motorcycle using the same technology. I will put my pre-order in the second they decide to do that!  As my first larger order with Banggood, it has been a very pleasant one with no surprises or issues. I will purchase from them in the future with confidence.  If you have been searching for a great RC motorcycle, I suggest you place your order now! This bike rocks. A+, thumbs up, kudos, 5/5 whatever scoring system you like, the SKY-RC SR5 is truly a winner.  Those of you that frequent my page know that I seldom say that about any product. Below is footage of some of my testing. The first video is mellow driving in my parking lot, and the second video shows me letting it rip in local ball park. Link to the product is below the videos.


UPDATE!!! Stone Blue Airlines is now carrying the SR5! So now you can order from a reputable American retailer!


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