Great Planes ElectriFly Super Sportster EP Rx-R 40" Review

Image Credit: Hobbico

Review by Nicholas Turner, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Futaba 7C

- 1300mAh 3S lipo


- White base color scheme is easy to see and provides great base for color schemes

- Tracks straight

- Flies easy

- Great second plane

- Magnetic canopy provides easy access to the battery and RX compartment


- SuperTigre ESC connectors require a Deans (T-Plug) adapter


The ESC in this plane requires arming prior to flying. So after connecting the battery and hearing power to the ESC you provide full throttle input until the ESC beeps twice. If you leave the throttle up the motor will spin up. Preflight check passed, controls moved properly and everything was set on low rates.


The Sportster taxis like most parkflyer size foamies. I lined up on the run way and gradually fed in throttle and elevator to keep it from nosing over. In little time she was airborne. Since this was not a maiden flight I did not have to worry about trims. I kept the first few circuits level and clean as I learned the control sensitivity on low rates. After getting the feel of the plane, I gained altitude and throttled back to induce a stall. The Sportster did not have a nasty stall characteristic and recovery was normal (neutralize the sticks, then gain throttle and level out). Low rate aileron rolls are decent, but I wanted more. Being a Spektrum user I asked my friend to flip on high rates. Rolls were considerably faster and performance was as I wanted. Rolls are axial, loops are round and easy, stall turns are clean, inverted flight is fairly easy with just a bit of elevator needed to keep from falling. Slow flight is good. Landing was easy.


Final Thoughts

The Super Sportster from Hobbico has always been a great flyer and great second plane. This new foam parkflyer version retains all the great characteristics and performance expected from a Super Sportster. However, the choice of using a less popular manufacturer for ESC to battery connections is puzzling. The plastic on the SuperTigre connector on the ESC in my friend's plane was cracked, exposing some metal. I was concerned and pointed this out. He decided to switch out for a Deans/T-plug and do away with the adapter. He also enjoys the plane. I can tell this is going to be a go to plane for him, even after being in

the hobby for over 30 years. The white base color scheme is from the unpainted foam, my friend left the decals on as the ARF comes. I personally would like to see some modified/personal color schemes. You cannot go wrong with this plane, as long as you are either a SuperTigre connector user or not afraid of soldering your preferred connector type.