SIG T-Clips EP Review

Review by Gunnar Hovmark, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

Motor: EMax GT 2826/06

ESC: HobbyWing Flyfun 60 A

Receiver: Spektrum AR610 6 Channel

Transmitter: Spektrum DX6i


Ail & Rud: 3x EMax ES 3051

Elevator: One Futaba S3003

Extra servo leads:

2x300 mm for ailerons inside wing

1x200 mm ”Y” connector for ailerons

Propeller: APC 14x7 E

Battery: Gravity 4s, 3300 mAh, weight 370 grams


- Light and very stiff contruction

- Excellent handling qualities both in the air and on the ground.

- The manual is the best I’ve seen

- Battery tray keeps the battery firmly in place and is easy to get in and out.

- Battery at the CG means there is no balancing problem if you change to a lighter or heavier battery.



You will probably want to tighten the covering. Read about it in the manual before you try to do it, especially ”Caution When Using Heat Guns”. I found that the silver ”windows” come loose at the edges quite easily.


This is exactly what the text on the box says, an aerobatic fun scale model, and a very good one. If that’s the kind of plane you want. GET A T-CLIPS!



Everything you need is in the box, except for glue, some tools and the ”equipment used” that I’ve listed. The construction is all wood, except for the fiberglass cowl and wheel spats. The covering is Oracover. The T-Clips is an ARF, so there’s not much work left for you to do. Just read the manual and do as it says and you’ll be fine. I chose to use epoxy instead of the recommended CA glue for the control surface hinges. There’s some confusion in the manual about which screws to use for the tail wheel assembly and the cowl, but once you know what all the other screws in the box are for it’s easy to figure out.


When you shop for a motor, keep in mind that it should look like the motor shown in the manual, i.e. with a fairly long axle sticking out from the body, because of the small hole for the propeller axle in the cowl. My motor fit with a small modification, but then I decided that the best solution was to use a bolt on propeller axle from another motor.


Weight of my T-Clips, fully assembled, with battery: 2.1 kilograms. The CG position on my T-Clips is perfect without the use of any balance weights.



The manual gives very good guidance for setting up the plane before the first flight. After a few flights you will want to increase the control surface travel, and the manual gives good guidance for that too.


When I write this I’ve only made eight flights, so I haven’t explored the aerobatic capabilities fully. I can keep it looping in the same place for as long as I like. Rolls are not as quick as I expected, but still fairly quick and I think I can speed them up a bit more. It spins nicely. I don’t think it does knife edge very well, at least not with me at the controls. That’s how far I’ve got up to now.


I really like the handling qualities of this plane. Control is precise and there are no unpleasant surprises. Take off and landing speed is low. It also behaves very nicely on the ground.