Virhuck T909 2” TFT LCD FPV Monitor Watch 5.8GHz 32CH Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


Stock VIrhuch FPV Watch


- Cool compact design

- Fold out antenna

- Surprisingly good video resolution

- Gets great reception

- Easy navigation of bands and channels

- Virhuck has great customer service

- Great for spotting, spectating or working on your FPV toys


- Nothing to report


This review is going to be relatively short and sweet because the product is pretty straight forward. Last year, when Hobbico's brand Tactic released their FPV watch, I wasn't really interested and I definitely saw it as a gimmicky little toy. While I am sometimes game for gimmicky little toys, I didn't want to spend $50 on it. At that point, I also wasn't very into FPV and I didn't have any FPV buddies.


Fast-forward a few months and a flying buddy of mine shoots me the link on Amazon to the Virhuck FPV watch. These guys were selling them for $10!!! Amazon Prime no less! I absolutely couldn't resist and I almost regret not buying a few more.



Set-up couldn't be easier. Plug it in to top off the charge and get your FPV quad, plane, or car ready to go. You can either leave it on whatever channel it's on and match up your gear, or select the channel on your gear and adjust your FPV watch to find the channel your vehicle is on. The watch has all the bands and channels we are used to except the race band. I don't think this is an issue because no one really uses the raceband outside of racing. Switching channels requires just a quick press of the bottom button, and to switch bands, it's just a long press of the same button. It doesn't say anything about a search function, but I feel like every time I hold the button, it shoots to the channel I am using on my quad.


Real World Use:

When I work on my FPV vehicles, I don't like to have to put my goggles on to make adjustments to camera angles or changes to my OSD settings. For this reason, a few months ago, I bought myself a nice 5 inch FPV screen/receiver. It saves time and it allows me to set the screen on the table next to the vehicle I am working on. The downside of this approach is you have to spend around $150 to get something decent.


I decided to test how this video watch would work in place of my 5 inch screen. I actually did put it on my wrist (yes, it makes you look sexier), and I fired up my Riot 250R Pro to make some adjustments to my OSD. Though it is much smaller than my screen, it definitely did the trick! It was pretty convenient to just look at my wrist when I made changes.


The next test was at my flying field. My friend (who also bought one of these) and I tested out using the watches to spot and spectate on anothers flights. I expected the sun to wash out the image more than it did. The colors and brightness on the screen are pretty strong, so you usually don't have any problems seeing the screen. I admit, I was skeptical as to how the image quality would be, but I was left pretty impressed.



I must say my assumptions were wrong on this product. I didn't think it would have any lasting value when they first hit the market. Now that I own one, I see how great of a tool it is to have in your flight bag. Whether spectating, spotting or just working on your vehicles, it I now feel it's a must have. Yes, I got mine for $10, but now that I know what it can do, I would definitely pay the current price on Amazon of $45.99. Before you buy one, I recommend you watch the product page for a few days because I see they adjust the price every so often. It was $10 when I bought it, and just a few days ago it was $38. If you can't wait, I'd say just nab one. I think you'll find yourself using it more often than you think. Of course if you already have a screen/rx, you probably don't need one...but if you're like me and like to have EVERYTHING, I'd definitely recommend the Virhuck FPV watch. I'll post a video as soon as I can.


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