ARRMA 1/8 TALION 6S BLX Brushless 4WD RTR Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock with 2x 3s5200mah batteries



- Fast

- Low

- Handles amazingly

- Jumps amazingly

- Makes you smile

- Makes other people smile

- Awesome battery tray

- Tough and durable

- Lots of metal parts!

- Great value


- Can't think of any


Since getting and loving both my Raider XL and my Typhon, I have been a huge fan of the 1/8 scale Arrma line of vehicles. I have been looking to get another, but I also wanted to do a review for you all. The Kraton, Senton, Outcast and others have been reviewed several times by different reviewers, so I had been waiting for something new. The new Talion was announced and I knew the second I saw a picture that I had to have it. I loved how low of a profile it had in the picture, AND the paint scheme was done in Real RC Reviews colors, red, black and white. I placed my order as soon as I could. As of right now (10/18/17), Tower Hobbies says you can't use coupon codes with this vehicle. I spoke to Hobbico, and for now, at least, the codes cannot be used on the new vehicles. Not sure if that will change or not in the future.


Out of the Box:

My Talion got here pretty quickly and I dove right in. In preparation for it's arrival, I ordered a couple 3s5200mah lipos from RCJUICE with XT90s already on them, and a couple XT90 charge leads. The Talion was packed nice and secure. You get the car, a nice assortment of tools, a pair of female XT90s (awesome, who does that!?!), and the transmitter. The body is secured with normal body clips, but they are secured to the vehicle with little rubber holders, which means you won't lose them. Under the hood, the Talion looks AWESOME. Even just looking at it, it looks really evenly distributed. Electronics and battery tray are affixed to the sweet aluminum chassis. The battery tray itself is adjustable which is great, and it also has both vertical and horizontal straps to hold your batteries down in addition to the little lid thingy that holds the batteries down. Arrma even thought of a way to secure those pesky balance plugs with an elastic band and hook. Just looking at it as a whole, both with the body and without, you can tell a lot of thought went into this vehicle and a lot of customer feedback was listened to. It comes with a nice Tactic TTX300 that is really easy to use also.



I was so excited to get this vehicle, I charged my batteries before it even got here. When I showed my 10 year old son exactly what was on it's way, he got excited too! For our first outing (first video below), we went to a local baseball diamond. It had just rained so the infield wasn't muddy, but it was kinda sticky. As you'll see by my reactions, I started loving this Talion the second I squeezed the trigger for the first time. It absolutely hugs the ground like it loves it and it's pretty dang fast straight out of the box. I wasn't the only one smiling out there either. My son was smiling and excited before I even handed him the controller. I tried my darndest to traction roll it out on the grass and in the infield, but it wouldn't happen. I did tumble it a few times going from the infield to the outfield though. Those cartwheels did absolutely no damage to it. The only damage came when my son did his first jump and landed on the wing. It popped right off. Upon inspection though, I saw that the screw holes didn't even enlarge. I was able to simply bolt it right back on thankfully. As I continued to drive, I saw a lot of wobble in the tires. I thought maybe I had broken something, but it was just packed dirt on the inside of the rims. The Talion handled great on the infield even though it is a bit slippery. The tires gripped well enough to haul butt, but would break loose enough to slide around turns rally style.


The Talion did so well off-road, I couldn't wait to get it on-road which is where I do a lot of my driving. My second video below starts with some speed runs. Bone-stock, I was able to get the Talion up to 47 mph. It wasn't a scary 47 either. Other cars I have, get crazy and difficult to handle at just a bit over 30, but the Talion just does it effortlessly. I didn't try the high speed gearing, mostly because I simply have no room to attempt 70 mph. I'm pretty sure it would handle that speed like a champ though. After some speed runs, I did some turning tests at some decent speeds to see how well it handled. Again, it performed superbly. Again, very predictable, and very balanced. It really feels "pro-tuned" in my humble opinion. My only other cars that handle this well are my Typhon and my HPI WR8. You almost don't expect it because it is a large vehicle with huge tires. The suspension is nicely set, matched perfectly to the low ride height of this vehicle. I can't think of any adjustments I want to make to this vehicle after several sessions of driving with it. There weren't any points in my driving sessions where I've thought, "Hmm, that kinda sucks, I need to adjust that."  The Talion drives exactly like I want it to drive. As for jumping (also in the 2nd video), the Talion jumps with the best of them. The trajectory is really easy to change with either brake or throttle. Excuse some of the poor jumps as I was still getting used to the vehicle and if you see any crappy jumps, it's my fault, not the vehicle's.


The last segment in the second video includes my final thoughts on the vehicle, which I've pretty much written here.



I don't think there are any upgrades needed. The stock servo seemed up to the task of steering this beast of a vehicle. As I mention in the second video, I do want to get some more tires. Not as an upgrade to these, but tires for specific terrain. Like street tires, grippy knobby tires. I want my Talion to be my jack of all trades :)



I have a ton of RC vehicles, and the new Talion has now earned a place in the top 5. Arrma, in my opinion has absolutely knocked it out of the park with the Talion. I truly cannot think of anything I would change. It is a vehicle that I can't wait to drive again and one that I want to take to every one of my driving spots. As if you couldn't tell from my videos, I absolutely LOVE the Talion. If you have been considering getting your first Arrma vehicle or your second, third, or fourth, grab the Talion. I cannot imagine what someone would not like about this, unless the person is just looking for a totally different type of RC car. If I knew the designers of the Talion, I would buy them a round of drinks for their efforts on this badboy. This one gets one of my rare full endorsements! Thank you ARRMA! You guys ROCK!


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