AE TC4 Club Racer Kit Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

TC4 Kit

Hitec HS-5495BH Servo

Hobbywing 45a, 4000kv sensored, brushless system.

Kyosho Prius body

Associated NTC3 Mounted Wheel & Tire Chrome 8 Spoke

HPI Drift tires

Gens Ace 2s 4000mah 30c lipo


- Mosty assembled

- Comes with various extra parts

- Comes with extra tools and gauges

- High quality materials

- Many parts available

- Many aftermarket bodies fit

- Good first non-RTR


None to mention, however, if you're driving in the neighborhood, make sure to sweep away any large rocks or pebbles from your driving area as they can get stuck in your steering push rods and drive shaft.


Let me start off by telling you all that I have never raced, never driven on a track, and have generally been just a standard, every day, basher.  The AE TC4 was my first entry into touring cars.  That said, when I asked the guys at the local hobby shop for a touring car that was relatively inexpensive, good enough to race with, upgradeable, and also able to drift, they unanimously agreed on the AE TC4.  They were 100% spot on.


Though the TC4 Club Racer is not quite a kit, it is more involved to get going than a bind and drive or RTR model.  The small amount of assembly required did however, give me the confidence to try my first kit.  Anyway, the assembly is mostly adding the electronics, building up the front end, bumper, mounting the tires, and making some minor adjustments.  If you did it without distractions, you could probably be up and running about an hour, especially if you use an electric screwdriver.  I found the parts to be nicely made, well fitting, and made of quality materials.  It definitely feels more expensive than it is...which if you go through Tower Hobbies, you can use coupon codes and save a few extra bucks.


Now on to driving. As I mentioned, as a basher (decent one at that), I have gotten used to the sloppy driving tendencies of monster trucks, basher buggies, truggies, stadium trucks, etc.  The TC4 was a totally new experience for me.  It actually drives the way you would expect a real car to drive.  You can drift turns nicely, a little bump of throttle through a turn allows you to swing the rear around a little, and makes for a beautiful looking turn.  The tight suspension also helps take the turns in a controlled fashion and hold a straight line in speed runs.  As your confidence builds you start experimenting with J-turns and other fun maneuvers that basher cars just cannot do in such a crisp way.  To keep the car light, I would stick with the 2s 4000mah size lipo, as anything much larger may not fit in the battery tray.


As for drifting, this little guy also proved its worth.  I've heard some guys say that belt driven cars are better, locked rear diffs are better for drifting, gyros are better for drifting... the list goes on.  What I found was, a person (me), that had never drifted an RC car before, was doing sliding figure eights after just a few minutes of getting the feel for the slide and steering adjustments.  Now I don't know that I could win any competitions either in drifting or racing, but I can sure as heck have fun with this thing and impress anyone who happens to be watching (provided they aren't Ken Block).  The all wheel drive, and the decent balance of the electronics on one side, and battery on the other, really make for a solid experience.


Whether you are just a neighborhood basher/rc enthusiast, or if you are looking to get into racing, the AE TC4 is a solid, potentially inexpensive entry into the world of touring cars.  You can load it up with premium after market parts, or go cheap like I did, and pretty much have a better vehicle than the average RTR touring car for way smaller of an investment.


I didn't post my own driving of this vehicle, but there are tons of TC4 videos on youtube.  This is a great little ride that I would recommend any day of the week.