Tamiya 1/10 Team Hahn Racing MAN TGS 4WD Semi | TT-01 Type E Truck Kit Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- Stock body, motor, esc

- Hitec HS-5646WP servo

- Spektrum DX4S w/ 2ch receiver

- Turnigy nano-tech 4200mAh 2S 25C Hardcase Lipo Pack

- AVID bearings



- Built on a known and reliable chassis

- Drives well

- Motor and esc are pretty solid

- Uses very little battery, motor stays cool

- Very inexpensive!

- I love it


- Body is a bear to cut and paint!

- Body goes together with 2sided tape


Ever since I got into the RC hobby about 6 years ago, I have always been attracted to Tamiya's offerings. My local shop has never carried much of their stuff, so I could never see what one of their kits looked like up close. Every time they announce a new product, I get so tempted to buy it, but alas, for whatever reason, I never do.


This go around, they guy that runs our local race league announced that he was opening a new race class. I am not active in the racing community, but I follow their page to see what they are doing and what they are driving. Anyway, he said this new class would be cheap and loads of fun. He teased us for a few days until he revealed what the new class was. When he showed the Man TGS Euro Racing Truck, I knew there and then, I had to have one. I have always wanted to buy and build one of Tamiya's big rig kits, but lack of time, money and space has stopped me. This race truck was the next best thing. I knew Tower Hobbies carried Tamiya products, so using their coupon codes, I was able to order the truck kit for $132.99 - $15 from the codes, for a total of $117.99.


Unboxing and Build:

My truck arrived well packaged from Tower, and the kits contents were nice and secure. There were several parts trees and several bags with letters on them. Standard kit stuff. The MAN TGS truck comes with the brushed speed controller and motor, so all you need to provide is a servo and your radio system. If you are going to race in this class, you have to go with all the stock equipment, the battery I bought. The only upgrade you are allowed are bearings instead of the stock bushings. I had a servo laying around and of course I have a solid radio, so no expenditure there for me. The only additional items I had to buy were the paint and the battery.


The manual is the international type. What I mean by that is that it has every instruction in a few languages. It's a little distracting, but you get through it. The bags of screws and small parts worked out for the most part, but there were a few instances where I had to use screws from one bag for a part that required a different bag. Most builders, even first timers shouldn't have any issues with the chassis build. The Tamiya TT-01 is a tried and trusted chassis that goes together easily. The layout is good and the parts count isn't crazy. Since the shocks are just the friction type, you don't spend any time having to measure oil or check for leaks or anything like that. The tires and wheels are included, you just have to glue them together. The tires don't use foams either, so no fussing with that either. You'll definitely find yourself completing the chassis pretty quickly, especially if you've built kits before... BUT THEN...THERE IS THE BODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you are wondering why I wrote that last bit in all caps with 20 or so exclamation points, read on. The MAN TGS body is 4 pieces that you have to cut out of thick lexan. You have the chassis cover, the cab, the main bumper and the back of the cab. You definitely want to cut as accurately as you can. Have a good set of lexan scissors (both straight and curved) handy and a nice sharp body reamer. Once you've cut it out, you'll want to mask off your paint job. I was tempted to just paint it all one color, but I decided I wanted to see mine in Real RC Reviews colors, red and black. Masking was a pain in the butt, but with a bit of patience, you can end up with some decent results. But wait, THERE's MORE! A gazillion decals! Of course how many decals you use is entirely up to you, but I wanted to use as many as possible. They are not die-cut so again, you spend A LOT of time cutting them out accurately. Putting the pieces together with the double sided tape is straight forward and it holds tight surprisingly well. Finally, sigh of relief you breath when you apply the last decal is wonderful. Victory, you did it, you practically climbed the Everest of RC bodies. Time to rest, have a drink, take a nap, do whatever you need to do to unwind... you deserve it.



After this build, I was more excited than ever to do some test driving. I was very curious as to how a front heavy, no foamed tired, brushed, friction shocked Euro Racing truck actually handled on the street. I am happy to report that the truck drives surprisingly well. Since you are actually on a proven car chassis, the weight distribution is decent enough that turns feel natural even when you kick the rear out a little on a sharp turn. The tires are nice and grippy and the suspension isn't horrible. What is funny, but by no means a complaint is the way the cab bounces a little bit while you drive or make sharp turns. It is comical and it just makes you smile more than you were already smiling by just driving the truck. I measured my top speed using a GPS tracker and was able to achieve 20mph on one speed run. Other tests registered at 19 or 19.5. As you'll see in the video, just for laughs, I put on a set of drift tires. While I am by no means a drift king, I am not horrible at it. That said, the odd weight distribution of the body makes it difficult to drift smoothly without spinning out or just going straight. It is still fun to do, just don't expect precision drifting.



I am so tempted to join the local race group just for the sake of seeing a whole heat of these trucks on a track. For the casual driver, the truck is still a hoot to drive around the neighborhood and a nice addition to anyone's fleet of cars. Because I took my time building, cutting and painting it, it is the vehicle I am currently the most proud of in my fleet of around 20 cars. I would DEFINITELY recommend this truck to anyone who likes scale looks, is looking for a semi-challenging build, and anyone who is looking for another fun vehicle to add to his/her collection...or anyone who wants to race in this inexpensive class. Tamiya did so much right with this kit, I honestly can't think of anything they really did wrong. I would LOVE it if they pre-cut the body and die-cut the decals, but I guess you can't have everything. What I do know, is now I am really looking forward to building something else from Tamiya's huge line-up of vehicles. Not go out and nab one of these things! Remember to watch my video below and to please subscribe to our channel. Every subscription counts and helps get our reviews into more peoples computers!


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