Blade Torrent 110 FPV BNF Basic Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Transmitter: Spektrum DX9

2s 800mah and 3s 450mah batts


- Excellent Quality

- Carbon frame

- Durable canopy

- Fast!

- Good quality camera/VTX

- Tunable with BetaFlight

- Great power on 2s and 3s

- Well designed

- Fun as heck!


- Prop guards are flexible

- No spare props included


Since the quad craze started a few years ago, the industry has been going and changing faster than you can blink. When the Whoops caught on last year, pretty much every quad speed freak thought, "This would be even better brushless!" It did take longer than I thought it would have, but now there are tons of micro brushless quads on the market. I must say, I haven't seen one deliver on actually being the size of the original Whoop (Blade Inductrix is an 83mm frame). That said, I don't think anyone cares. We want power, and we want it small enough to fly inside a gym, big house, or yard/parking lot where we would never dare fly our 250 sized race quads. The Torrent was announced shortly after Emax announced their Baby Hawk. I ordered both to get good feel for what a $99 (plus rx) quad feels like compared to the $199 Torrent 110.


Out of the box:

The Torrent 110 comes packaged like a giant Inductrix. It is not what I was expecting, but it works and protects all the goodies well. This is a BNF Basic package so all you get is the quad, the manual, and some extra little bits and pieces like zip ties and what I think are some sort of motor spacers. Oddly, there are no spare props included. Order some when you buy the Torrent, you'll want to have them handy, but more on that later. The quad itself is very nicely put together. The carbon X frame is great and the canopy is strong and solidly made. The camera angle is adjustable, but it seems a little stiff. The prop guards are more flexible than I thought, but they didn't prove to be an issue. The FC and the receiver are separated on different plates space apart with stand-offs. This already starts to show you how much nicer the Torrent is than the Baby Hawk. Fit and finish are of HUGE importance, especially when dealing with a product that you know will be bought by experts and newbies alike.



This go around, I didn't bother to look to see if Spektrum already had a downloadable file, so I programmed my radio according to the manual. I did however change the arm switch to the left side of the transmitter. Before flying it, I also went into BetaFlight and switched my flight modes a little. I enabled Air-Mode to be active at all times, made mode 1- Angle Mode, 2- Horizon Mode, and 3- Acro Mode. These are my preferred modes of flying, but I highly recommend them to beginners and intermediate pilots.



If you've watched my other quad review videos, you know I kind of have a routine down. Go to grassy patch to test out first flips, then mosey on over to the road to do some line of sight flying. This review is no different. The first video below shows my very first flight on 2s. You'll find the preset tune of the flight controller, very well thought out and balanced. The quad itself flies like something you would expect from a top company like Horizon Hobby.  For my next flights (2nd video), I charged up my 3s batteries to see what this baby could do. The top speed wasn't a major upgrade, at least in the wind I was flying in, but the punch out was noticeable. It certainly flies great on 3s also, but for what I do, I felt 2s was the sweet spot. Just to be safe, you'll want to grab at least a couple of each. I did notice the motors heated up a bit on 3s, nothing crazy, but keep an eye on them if you are going to fly back to back 3s batteries.


The third video below shows one of my first FPV sessions with the Torrent. I can't believe my Inductrix ever felt fast lol. The Torrent feels like a rocket when you are in tight quarters or a small parking lot. It is an absolute blast buzzing around the trees and yard. It is absolutely the most satisfying small quad I have flown to date. You might notice the FPV feed is pretty staticky in my video, that is no fault of the Torrent. I was messing with the settings on my TX module, and there is always tons of interference in my neighborhood anyway. FPV flips are very satisfying with the Torrent as it has such strong and smooth power on tap, that even if you let yourself drop too much after a flip or a roll, recovery is not an issue. Just punch the throttle. My minor complaint, if I have to make one, is that because the prop guards are flexible, the props will impact the ground or whatever else you hit in a crash. I went through two sets in one session just trying stupid tricks and smacking the quad into the ground and a tree lol. Aside from that, the quad is extremely durable. I am glad that a hard crash usually just means swapping out a prop or two. Replacements are only about 4 bucks, so no biggie there. Also, kudos to Horizon for using a 150mw VTX. This will give you a lot more range than the 25mw VTXs you see on other micros.



Once again, I find myself wanting to high-five the developers at Horizon Hobby. The Torrent 110 freakin' rocks. I love it. Honestly, there is no comparison between the quality of the Baby Hawk and the Torrent.  The Baby Hawk was fun for the first few flights, but then it started going wonky on me. That quad will likely end up in my "You're dead to me" RC drawer lol. The premium you pay for the Torrent 110 over other quads in this class is SOOOOO worth it. Not only do you have a high quality receiver already installed, but you have a carbon frame, great motors and FC, and ALL of that backed up by one of the best companies in the RC world.


I know I give most of Horizon's products high marks, but that's because they put a lot into them. Just so you know, to date, I have NEVER received a free product from them for review. None of my reviews of their products have ever been sponsored. Not that I wouldn't take them up on it if they offered, but all of my positive reviews on their products are on products I paid for. I don't get anything out of it by telling you to go buy a Torrent. I am telling you as a humble reviewer, that if you like micro quads, you NEED a Torrent 110. You won't regret it.


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