HSP Troian 1:16 Review

Review by Ruben Rsa

Equipment Overview:

When at a tight budget, the Troian Pro buggy is probably a good choice. It has a "4500kv" rated brushless motor, an esc from a 1/10 scale rc of some sort, and is enabled to run on 2's or 3's lipo batteries, it says.


The receiver is alright, it does the job, and the 1100mAh NiMh battery which is included in the package along with a crappy 4-5 hour at a time battery charger which is probably a generous addition. The cheap plastic 2.4GHz 2 channel radio controller is probably worth what you'll spend on the product too. They could have left out the battery and saved on cash and probably could have been more generous on the controller though.


For such a low price, this chassis is quite durable (more on that later).


It's an off road buggy which has a sufficient amount of power to lift the front wheels off the ground when you do run the rc on a 2's lipo on paving or short grass.


The weight balance on the chassis is much similar to most other buggies, but it doesnt scream for a change as it handles quite well as is.


The price for a brushless 1/16 scale that does around 50-60kph on 2's lipo batteries is very well worth it.

It comes with many aluminium upgraded parts pre-installed.


- The cheap knobby tires don't last.

- The front aluminium shock tower is way to exposed in a head on crash and is quiet soft considering the weight of the chassis.

- The chassis weighs nearly as much as a tt01 chassis (guess we know why they added all the alu ups now).

The radio controller really does suck, brittle plastic... Pfffft.

- The weight of the chassis prevents a slow pull, this puts unnecessary strain on the motor.

- The pinion and spur gears are very exposed to dust, sand or other dirt... Like, less than 3cm away from the rear wheel arch of the body which is open and in a reverse on gravel, would take a lot of gravel in.


At such a low price, what you're basically buying is a chassis which yells to be handed an upgrade on power, you're basically buying a 4wd VW beetle which wants a v8 big block in it. The heavy chassis and the brushless motor just don't match, it's like cat and dog, to launch the rc quickly or slowly, the motor really struggles, but from a low run to full speed, the car wants to orbit out of proportion... I do believe though that this product is a very good buy for anyone though, you would really just need decent wheels and a 2's lipo battery . I have ramped the buggy at its full speed and got around 2 meters in the air, and cleared between 4 and 5 meters of ground, the landing is a punishment though, bouncy shocks...


In the air, the short wheelbase makes it hard to control, you're either going high enough to get a good landing, or you're flipping forward or backward, this does mean that you could do back flips against a wall (as I have, lol), but it also means wacky short course problems as it's very sticky, prone to flip easily. I've really put this rc through brutal drive after brutal drive, and the overly exposed shock tower in the front have bent on a very rough landing, causing the left shock to pop off the tower, but I bent the tower back and popped back on the shock; I was as ready as it was!


I must say, the chassis is very, very durable, but that all depends on how you should choose to use it. I would suggest this rc to anyone, it's cheap, has durability, and needs new tires every week if you're out messing with it for the an hour on tarmac, every day of the week. Isn't that what rc has come down too anyways? Adding enough power to bruise the tires and burn the grounds? That is my kind of fun in the rc world, I don't know about you, but we bashers do love this much crazy about rc.  What I do hope for is that my buy wasn't a lucky one, and that after I had suggest you buy it, you'd be unlucky with it. The car yells for an upgrade of power and better wheels and tyres for handling, but it is just as fun as it is now as a Losi mini 8ight would be on 2's and at 2 thirds of the price. This is my final opinion about it!