Furious True-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


(1) Furious FPV True-D Diversity Receiver System V3.5

(1) Plastic Housing w/ Setup View Finder V3.5

​(1) 45* SMA Adapter

(1) 90* SMA Adapter



- True Diversity System Functionality

- Smooth Switch Video Switching Technology

- Raceband Channel Ready

- Multiple Channel Modes - Auto, Manual & Working Modes

- Ultra Compact

- Designed for the FatShark Dominator V2 & V3 and HD V1 & V2 Goggles and newest Dominator SE

- Built In Easy View LCD Screen for the Ultimate in Setup Ease



- Easy to use

- No messy wires across goggles

- Looks great

- Furious can help make your custom splash screen

- Works as advertised!



- Must be very careful installing it


As drone technology keeps changing, the goggles have been evolving also. Even just last year, only some pros were using diversity systems, the average guys like myself were just making our first antenna upgrades, thinking we were cool for just that! :) I resisted the FPV game for a while, but really started going whole hog last winter. I upgraded my two headsets to newer versions and got some new quads and airplanes to FPV with. Once I started meeting more FPV guys, I started hearing the word "diversity" a lot, in reference to video receivers that is lol. What I discovered was that I could get a system that required me to run a set of cables across my goggles, or I could get a system that just used the left hand bay of my Dominator HD3s. Furious FPV was the main brand that utilized the single module system. The bad thing is I had heard that some guys were getting their goggles fried by the system. After talking to guys from Furious and LaForge, I decided to go with Furious. They assured me that with the True-D 3.0 and new 3.5, any and all issues were taken care of. I believed them (after all, if it failed, that would guarantee a negative review) and bought the system directly from them.


Unboxing and Setup:

There is not much to the unboxing, you get everything I mentioned above in a nice, solid plastic carrying case. Everything is well protected. There is nothing to charge other than your goggles, so as soon as you are ready to fly, just fire the system up (with your antennas plugged in of course). The screen is bright and clear and and the 3 buttons make the menu really easy to navigate. Your first time turning it on will give you a set of prompts to follow to calibrate and fully setup your system. It doesn't require much on your part. Oh, and as you see in my picture above, you can customize your splash screen. You have to contact Furious FPV to get the specs and requirements for the image, and then you create it and send it to them. They will in turn send you a firmware update with your logo packaged inside of it. The end result is awesome and totally unique! What is more amazing is that they do not charge for this service.


As far as getting on the same frequency as your aircraft, you can either manually select the band and frequency, or you can scan for the frequency your aircraft is using. I'd recommend using the scan only when you are alone or the only person flying FPV at a given time. Otherwise, you'll find yourself locking onto someone else's frequency.



What can I say, the results speak for themselves. If you watch the video below, you can see the comparison between a standard FatShark module, then the Furious FPV module. Mind you, the video is shot in a horrendously interference rich environment. Out in the open, at my flying field for instance, the transmission is amazingly clear. I am extremely impressed with the performance. I will spare you the technical information, because in all likeliness, if you are one of my readers, you don't really want to hear it anyway...and if you know your technical stuff, you probably can make more sense of the numbers and specifics than I can.



At the end of the day, I am sure the LaForge system is great, I hear great things about it all the time. However, Furious FPV's module is not only cheaper, but it also has a much smaller footprint on your goggles. I am a minimalist and the idea of a set of cables running across my fancy HD3s was never an option for me. The 3.5 module works as advertised, is easy as pie to use, and the guys running the company are helpful and communicative. I know this review is short and sounds more like an endorsement... but it kind of is. I shopped around, decided on something PAID with my hard earned dollars, and was happy with my purchase. I figured that info in itself is worth telling you guys and gals. Remember to follow us on your favorite social media site and follow us on youtube!


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