Tactic TTX200 2-Channel SLT Transmitter Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


Frequencies: 2.403-2.408GHz

Protocol: Tactic SLT

Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum

Input Power: 3.40-7.00V DC, four 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCd/NiMH

AA single cells

Output Power: <0.1W

Power On Indicator: Red LED



- Feels good

- Does not glitch with any of my systems

- Good range

- Backed by Hobbico/Tower Hobbies

- Easy to set endpoints


- No LCD screen


I'm going to keep this review short as my video gets into some decent detail.. You're likely here because you want to know if the TTX200 is worth the $40 bucks for a non-computerized (no lcd screen) radio. I got mine as a back up transmitter for the days that we have guests. I have about 20 cars and trucks and I have about 10 each on two multi-model memory computerized transmitters that I use with my son. I wanted a third, budget transmitter for use when I or my son have a friend over that wants to drive with us. I have tried FlySky, and though they look nice and have robust systems, I find that they glitched with too many of my cars. I have long trusted Hobbico, so I figured, why not.


Out of the box:

My TTX200 arrived double boxed and well packaged. The box is is straight forward and the transmitter itself is well protected along with the receiver and the manual. The first thing I noted was that it is bigger in the hand than it looked in the pictures. When I saw it's different looking shape on line, I expected it to be a little smaller. There is no soft rubber on the handle but it is textured and it feels good in my hand. Binding procedures are in the manual and are simple.



I won't be doing any one handed driving with the TTX200 as I have short thumbs and the wheel is a bit away from the trigger. As for normal, two handed driving, it feels great. The wheel is nice and tight, and it feels good in my hands. It is really comfortable. My ten year old son also has no issue using it sizewise.


One of the major reasons I got computerized radios in the first place is because simple things like endpoint adjustments were a total pain in the rump with stock radios from Traxxas and a few other manufacturers. You have to dig the manual out of the battery compartment, find the function you want to do, and press a series of buttons and count light flashes to achieve even the simplest of functions. The awesome thing about the TTX200 is the ability to change endpoints just using the wheel, trigger, and trim buttons. Even better is that the instructions for how to set endpoints are on a sticker on front of the transmitter. If you have ever tried to make an adjustment on a stock Traxxas transmitter, you'll find the TTX200 so easy to work with, and that is a major selling point for me.


I checked range to the point where my truck was just a little speck and it still functioned, though I had to have my son yell to me to tell me which way to turn to drive back to myself.



I told ya this would be short! LOL. Watch the video below (and subscribe!), It will give you a better look at the TTX200 and I go a bit more into detail. If you don't want to watch the video, just know that the TTX200 gets my seal of approval for what it is. It's a good value for the price and it is backed by one of the biggest names in RC. If you need an extra transmitter, need to replace one, or just need another one for a kit you built, the Tactic TTX200 is a pretty solid way to go.


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