Tactic TTX650 Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


Channels: 6

Modulation: FHSS spread-spec SLT

Receiver: Operates with SLT receivers

Batteries: 4 AA Alkaline batteries

Gimbals: Quad-bearing gimbals

Model Memory: 20 model memory

Programming: Programming for Airplanes & Helicopters

Mixes: 4 Programmable and

8 pre-programmed mixes

Programming Method: push-button

Manufacturer: Hobbico


- Bearings used with the gimbals

- Nice ergonomic feel to the transmitter

- Twenty Model Memory

- Can be used with Airplanes and Helicopters

- Programming can be updated at home in the future if needed

- Easy to program

- Wireless trainer system

- Battery protection after ten minutes of inactivity

- Cheap and SLT receivers are cheap


- Not a show stopper

- Tones are loud and not adjustable

- Limited to SLT receivers and Hobbico TXR aircraft


When it comes down to it, you are reading this because you want to decide between a Spektrum transmitter and a Tactic transmitter.  One of the major factors here will be what you fly, and who you most often buy from.  Also, it will depend how deep your pockets are and if you are willing to own more than one brand of transmitter.  At the moment, aside from this one, I have a Spektrum DX9 and a Futaba 14SG.  I Iove them both, and I like this one now too.  I'll tell you why.


Gone are the days that I used to ONLY fly products from Horizon Hobby. I still enjoy them, but I have also spread my wings (pun intended) in the last couple of years and am more open to other manufacturers.  Sure there are adapters out there to make your Spektrum or Futaba transmitters work with the SLT system, but I have never enjoyed connecting a dongle thingy to my other transmitters.  When I bought my last few SLT planes and helis, I was sooo tempted to pick up this radio, just so I could have a dedicated radio to the SLT TXR products.  Well, now I do and I'm a happy camper.


This radio is currently selling for $125 if you use Towerhobbies coupon codes, about the same cost as the Spektrum DX6i.  The Spektrum DX6i however, is the previous generation 6 channel offering which is likely on it's way out of production.  It has been replaced by the new DX6 which is robust with features but comes in currently at a hefty $199.  So with the TTX650, you are getting 6 channels for about $75 less.  While I'm looking at Tactic's pricing, for less than $170, you can get an 8 channel Tactic transmitter with the TTX850... WOW!  That's a sizeable difference but that's not where it ends. Tactic 6 channel receivers are $20 while the cheapest Spektrum is over $50.  Tactic 8 channel receivers are $40, and Spektrum 8 channel receivers are over $110!!!!   Those numbers alone will land this transmitter in many peoples hands.  Other manufacturers make planes that are PNP which means you only need to add a receiver.  About the only thing you will miss out on are the micro planes and helis from Horizon Hobby and others, but with a full line on the SLT side, you'll won't feel it too much.


So now as to actual functionality, well, it's a pretty decent transmitter.  It feels good, has good weight to it, the plastic is high quality and the gimbals are nice.  I did find the beeps it emits when you are programming loud and a little irritating, but if you know me, you'll know that I find many many things loud and irritating LOL.  The programming is however very straight forward and navigating the menus is pretty simple.  At the end of the day, I feel that this product is aimed at the newbie or the hobbyist on a budget and it hits the mark.  Folks like me will enjoy it because it is inexpensive and it gives us a dedicated transmitter to the SLT goods.  It doesn't bring anything new to the table or blow you away, but it also doesn't suck and it is a solid transmitter.


If you want some advertorial reviews and infomercially reviews on this product, there are plenty out there.  You'll find my reviews really just get to the point of is it good, and is it worth it.  This is both.  Sorry if I disappoint with lack of technical info, but the target audience for this transmitter wouldn't understand that stuff anyway.


Here is a link to a nice side-by-side comparison of the Tactic TT650 and the Spektrum DX6i.