Tactic TTX660 Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


Frequencies: 2.403-2.480GHz

Modulation: FHSS spread spectrum

Input Power: 3.40-7.00V DC

Current Consumption: approx. 100-120mA

Low Voltage Alarm: 3.20-5.60V

Memories: 30 with copy function

Display: 128x64 graphing LCD with adjustable contrast and backlight

Timers: Count Up Stopwatch, Count-Down, Flight Timer

Trainer System: Wireless, Tactic SLT compatible



- Bearings used with the gimbals

- Nice ergonomic feel to the transmitter

- Thirty Model Memory

- Backlit screen!

- Easy to program

- Wireless trainer system

- Battery protection

- Cheap and SLT receivers are cheap

- 2 sliders and rotary proportional dial

- Great value

- Great range and solid signal


- No other companies make products with the SLT protocol


When it comes down to it, you are reading this because you want to decide between a Spektrum transmitter and a Tactic transmitter.  One of the major factors here will be what you fly, and who you most often buy from.  Also, it will depend how deep your pockets are and if you are willing to own more than one brand of transmitter.  At the moment, aside from this one, I have a Spektrum DX9, FrSky X7 and a Futaba 14SG.  I Iove the Spektrum and Futaba, I don't care for the FrSky (too hard to program), and now I really like this Tactic 660.  I'll tell you why.


Gone are the days that I used to ONLY fly products from Horizon Hobby. I still enjoy them, but I have also spread my wings (pun intended) in the last couple of years and am more open to other manufacturers.  Sure there are adapters out there to make your Spektrum or Futaba transmitters work with the SLT system, but I have never enjoyed connecting a dongle thingy to my other transmitters.  It's nice to have the right radio that certain products are made for.


Out of the box:

Out of the box, the 660 is a pleasant surprise. It feels even better than the 650 and it was nice to see the addition of the sliders and the dial. Even more exciting was the backlit screen. These are options you used to find only on fancier models from the big transmitter companies. It's great to see Tactic add these and still keep their prices low.



I'll keep this section extremely short as I shot a video (below) that goes through the menus and covers a simple set-up for a four channel airplane. I have spared you footage of me flying it and praising it as I do lol. All you need to know is that it works and that I can fly my planes as far as I can see them with this and never have my signal drop out. The TTX660 is extremely easy to program, even for newbs. You should always read product manuals, but this is one of those great products that are just intuitive. The options for each channel are exactly where you'd expect them to be. After spending a little time with this transmitter, doing a 4 channel set-up should take you less than 10 minutes.



As I mention in the video, the Tactic transmitters are gaining more and more traction at the flying fields. This is in part from newbs not wanting to invest too much on their first computerized radio, but also because some long time pilots have just gotten tired of spending a ton of money just to have a decent radio and a few receivers. If you are drawn to the FrSky line of transmitters, DON'T DO IT! They are a total pain to program even the simplest of options. Tactic's transmitters are at about the same price point but infinitely more user friendly. I would recommend the TTX660 any day of the week, and that is saying a lot!


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