Hobbico TwinStar 25 Twin Review

Image Credit: Hobbico

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used/Overview:

- 2 OS 25la nitro motors

- ST47BB servos (6)

- AR600 receiver

- Hydrimax 6V 2000mah battery

- 2 APC 9x5 Props

- JR switch harness



- Easy to build

- Motors are close to center line, makes for easy one engine landings

- Built tough

- Clear instructions

- Flies like a trainer

- Multiple engine sizes will fit ( .25la, 25fx, 25ax, 35ax and if you can find 40fs motors. Although I have seen some people put .46s on theirs)

- Did I say, TWIN ENGINES!


- Difficult to get the motors to run at the same RPM (more of an engine issue)

- Space between the fuse and motors limits prop sizes available

- Peeling covering

-The standard servos that fit behind the motors have limited space for the servo arms to completely operate the carbs

-Starting the motors is a little dicey


I was always wanted to try a twin fuel powered plane, and at this price from probably my favorite online hobby store (Towerhobbies.com) I couldn't resist. I chose to go with two .25la motors ( a little on the weak side) because I was afraid of idle speed being too high ( we fly at a rough field) and I wanted to make longer flight times with small 4oz tanks. The build was easy, the only issue I had was setting up the throttle linkages so the carbs opened similarly. the plastic covers for the tanks and throttle servos kept the servos from opening and closing all the way.


Starting the motors needs to be thought out. I always started the motor furthest from me and then the second so as to keep my hands out of the way. Once the OS motors were started, they were easy to tune. Taking off was a breeze and it flew like a heavy trainer. Was able to roll quickly however there is not much rudder authority in the air, on the ground though it handles very well.

BIGGEST CONCERN about nitro twins: "What if a motor cuts off in flight?" Well that is why I bought this plane. The motors are offset ( built into the motor boxes) so that if either motor were to shut off you can still control the plane without it going into a death spiral.

All in all, this was a wonderful twin flying airplane!


My Buddy Jordan Boothe filmed a start up and a take off as well as a landing with 1 motor at our local field.


Start up and take off:






















One engine landing: