ARRMA 1/8 TYPHON 6S BLX Brushless 4WD RTR Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All stock with 2x 2s 5000mah lipo

All stock with 2x 3s 5000mah lipo

Road tires with 2x 3s 5000mah lipo


- Less expensive than competition

- Durable

- Great looking

- Excellent jumper


- Handles well

- Great high-speed platform

- Good shocks

- Nice chassis


- Battery tray is smallish


Like my other surface reviews, I won’t get into tons of technical details.  I know most of you that follow our reviews just want to know, how good/bad it is, and should you get one.  If you don't want to read any further and don't want to watch my brief running video, or if you're on the fence on getting a Typhon, hop on over to Tower Hobbies, put one in your cart, click on the appropriate coupon code, and order this bad boy... you'll be glad you did.  Now let me tell you why I loved it so much.


ARRMA is a relatively new player (2011) in the surface RC world, but they have quickly established their name as a big player in the world of bashing.  They offer a spectrum of vehicles, from brushed and brushless 1/10 scale, to big 1/8 scale 6s brushless beasts!  Moving on...


Out of the Box:

The ARRMA Typhon came from Tower Hobbies packed great as usual. My inner 5 year old tore into the box like a birthday present. I was pleasantly surprised at how gorgeous the Typhon is.  Holding it made me even happier.  It is a nice solid feeling vehicle with an aluminum chassis, aluminum threaded shocks and a great looking body. There are sway bars in front and back, and the tires feel way nicer than what I had experienced having been disappointed with the Mega Fury's tires. I ordered a set of Duratrax Bandito on road tires just to avoid ruining the knobby stock tires on pavement.


The Typhon is a vehicle that gives you the option of driving with 4s, 5s, or 6s lipo with the stock set up.  You can use single packs in those cell counts, or 2x2s or 2x3s for 4s and 6s respectively.  I have enjoyed the Typhon with both 4s and 6s.  With 4s I drive a lot of full throttle, and with 6s I drive like I'm on 4s, but occasionally tap into the additional power that the 6s provides.  My only complaint on the design of this vehicle is the smallish battery tray, which can make it difficult to find the right 6s or 2x3s batteries that fit properly. Do your homework and make sure the batteries you buy will fit. I think an easy design improvement would be to make the tray two piece and allow one part to slide out for adjustment. That said, if you are going to use 2 batteries, I'd look for soft packs as they will fit easier. I am using 2x3s 5000mah soft packs myself. It's a tight squeeze, but they fit. For 4s, I am using 2x2s5000mah Duratrax hard packs.



Even though the Typhon is a much different vehicle than my HPI WR8 (which I love), I feel like it drives similarly.  It makes sense in that they are both low to the ground, 4 wheel drive and have sway bars.  Cornering is beautiful with the Typhon on-road. The stock tires, even though designed for off-road, get great grip on the pavement.  I only switched to the Bandito's later on to not kill the stock tires.  The Typhon quickly gets to top speed and brakes well with little tail sway even when braking from a speed run.  On 4s, measuring with the Hobbico Big 5 GPS speed meter, I was able to achieve 34.8mph, we can go ahead and call that 35mph as I probably could have achieved that if I had more open space to run a straight line.  On 6s, I was happy to reach 50.2mph.  It's amazing how quickly you get across a parking lot going that fast.  Since it brakes so well, I found myself making an imaginary track in my parking lot, and slowing down from a speed run, then cornering around a median and shooting out of the turn for another speed run.


Another thing the Typhon does awesomely is jumping.  Like a great RC airplane, the Typhon has ZERO bad tendencies.  Off the ramp, Typhon generally takes off and maintains a flat trajectory.  If you punch the throttle too much or let it go too early, the Typhon is extremely easy to correct mid-air with a tap of the brakes (to pitch down) or a tap of throttle (to pitch up).  The brief video at the bottom of this page has some jumping at the end and you can see a few of my mid-air corrections.


I was having so much fun on pavement, I almost forgot that the Typhon was ready out of the box for off-road.  It runs great on loose dirt, packed dirt, short grass and even medium length grass.  I tried driving through the tall, thick stuff, and got stuck... but hey, that's what monster trucks are for.  The Typhon with the stock tires, gets excellent grip off-road yet allows you to kick the rear out when you need to with a little throttle control.  On the loose dirt, it kicks up wonderful rooster tails of dirt and really brings a smile to your face.  I'm not used to my rigs driving predictably off-road so I was really having a good time tearing my neighborhood up.  I'm a decent driver, but the Typhon made me feel like I was a great driver!  From what I hear in forums, no one is using the Typhon for actual sanctioned racing, but it seems to be a popular choice for guys like me who are total bashers, but like to have a variety of different style models.



The ARRMA Typhon is one of those models that tons of people keep stock, but another ton of people upgrade the bejesus out of.  Do a quick search on Youtube for "ARRMA Typhon speed run" and you'll see guys who have upgraded electronics and some hardware and are getting over 100mph!!!! Yes, you read that right, OVER 100mph with a Typhon.  In my opinion, there is absolutely NOTHING that you have to upgrade right out of the box.  35mph 4s and 50mph 6s is nothing to sneeze at for a stock vehicle.  If you find that you run into things a lot, there are a few after market bumpers out there that will offer you more protection than the small stock bumper.  If like me, you don't want to wear down the stock tires on the pavement, then you might want to pick up a set of on-road tires.  I've had a few nasty landings from some big jumps, but nothing broken... yet.



If you are one of the people that chose to read through this review, know that the Typhon has rocketed itself to a very high place on my list of favorite vehicles.  I currently have about 17 cars/trucks and this buggy is in the top 5, possibly top 3. I freakin' love it.  I've had it for a few months now and still haven't upgraded anything.  I haven't changed shock oil, diff oil, wheel adjustment or anything.  I just like it the way it is. There were several buggies I had considered before buying the Typhon, but the positive comments I had seen in forums and on Youtube pushed me toward ARRMA.  Add to that, the price $429 - $60 (gold member codes) = $369! That is one hell of a cheap price for such an awesome 6s capable 1/8 scale vehicle. If you are a basher like me, but want a great looking buggy, head over to Tower Hobbies this instant and pick order one ASAP.


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