Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 60 Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- DLE20 with Carb Mod and Bowman ring

- Hitec HS645MG servos (7)

- AR7010 receiver

- 2, 6V turnigy 2000mah batteries in parallel

- Tech Aero Ultra iBEC

-APC 15x10, Xoar 15x10 props


- What can I say? It's a stick. An amazing amazing flying plane

- Clear covering shows the quality of manufacturing

- Easily modified to fit a DLE20

(had to move the tail servos to back of fuse)

- Has flaps

- Easy landings, speedy, great rudder authority


- Hangar 9 stopped making it, but if you can find one it is well worth it. I think all "Sticks" fly very similarly.


I purchased this brand new out of the box from a friend as it was untouched. It builds straight forward according to the manual which is written very well. I had to drill new holes for the motor mount to fit the gasoline motor, move the gas tank back above the landing gear plate inside the fuse, cut holes and reinforce wood to accept the servos in the rear of the fuse, got bigger wheels for the larger prop, and cut into the firewall a bit to accept the rear mounted carb on the DLE20.


The motor started up like a champ. This flew just as I expected without any bad tendencies. With flaps at full deflection and the motor at idle, it has so much lift it didn't want to land. With some throw in the surfaces is quite the performer. Starting out in the hobby a few years back I thought Sticks were so boring and ugly, but had having two, from two companies I believe everyone should have a Stick in their hangar. Great, wonderful flying plane.

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