UM T-28 Trojan S BNF Basic with SAFE Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- Stock UM T-28 Trojan

- Eflite 1s150mAH 45c lipo

- DX9


- The return of a classic!

- New yellow scheme

- New 3-blade prop

- Flies better than the original

- AS3X and SAFE

- Inexpensive

- Perfect neighborhood and gym plane

- Easy to fly

- Beautiful

- FUN!!!


- No significant complaints


Excuse me as I take a stroll down memory lane. Coming on 7 years ago, I discovered the wonderful hobby of RC aviation. I knew I wanted to fly, but wanted to take baby steps into it as I've never been one to be okay with crashing. Under advice of the gentlemen at my local hobby shop, my first plane was the Hobbyzone Champ. It was 3 channel, very floaty, and pretty darn easy to fly. I took to flight pretty quickly and within a few days, I felt a little limited by the Champ. I could loop it and fly it inverted a little, but I wanted to ROLL!  I wasn't ready to jump into a larger model, and the warm weather was coming to an end, so the guys at the shop this time recommended what was then the ParkZone UM T-28 Trojan. In a nutshell, it was the old version of this new Hobbyzone version (same company, Horizon Hobby). It was white and it had a 2-bladed prop, and cost $99 bucks BNF. More importantly, it was exactly what I was looking for. I learned so much with that plane, from flying inverted to fighting the wind, to perfecting landings. Also, it was small enough and slow enough to fly inside of a gym. My local club hosts indoor fly-ins in the winter and the amount of UM T-28s out there was a sight to see. I kept that same UM T-28 for over 5 years as I progressed from tiny micros to larger scale gas planes. Finally, one day as we were doing some spring cleaning, it fell off of my shelf along with some books that pretty much pancaked it. It was sad and I lamented that Horizon Hobby had discontinued the old T-28.


A few weeks ago, Horizon Hobby announced a new T-28...and I wondered if it was a reboot of the old classic or a larger, 2s, brushless model in the same vein as the UMX line of micros. I was mildly disappointed that it wasn't a bigger, stronger UMX, but I was also pretty happy that they had updated the plane I loved for so long. As soon as it went for sale, I ordered one.


Unboxing and Assembly:

Any of you that have owned a micro from Horizon Hobby, know that there is nothing to assemble other than the landing gear. The nose-gear is easy, but the wheels on the wings are a little more difficult. Be gentle and take your time so you don't damage the wings of this tiny plane. These planes come nicely packaged and protected in a box that can also double as a carrying case. As this is a BNF basic, you need to supply your own batteries and charger. You don't need to do much programming other than setting dual rates, expo and the mode switch and panic button. You'll easily be ready to fly before your batteries even charge.



Watch my videos below for more details, the first video is some commentary and maiden flight, and the second video is just more flight and some final thoughts. That said, if you don't want to watch, what I say is pretty straight forward. The T-28 flies like the original but better. The 3-blade prop pulls the plane noticeably stronger and the addition of AS3X makes the light gusts of wind less noticeable. I actually think it rolls and loops better than my old T-28. As you see, my flight area is relatively tight and with the exception of a few crappy landings (serves me right for landing with the wind), the parking lot is totally suitable for flying this plane. If you are new to the hobby, I'd recommend getting comfortable in a larger area like a soccer field, then working your way to smaller areas like your yard or neighborhood. Ever since receiving it, I have been so happy having an upgrade version of my old favorite micro around again. I have experimented with moving the battery around in the compartment, and I have found I prefer it close to the end of the velcro strip in the cavity. Again, if you are new, I don't recommend flying in wind over 3 or 4 mph, unless you have a lot of space. Once you get the feel for the plane in calm winds, you'll be able to push the limits a bit more.


I did test the SAFE panic button and it definitely works as advertised, but it turns out I didn't have my camera on. I also didn't film any the other two flight modes as I need to be on full rates mode to make the turns needed in my parking lot.



I know this is a short review and that it is pretty repetitive, but what else is there to say? The old version was a great plane, and this new updated version is an even greater plane. It is great looking, great performing and easy on the wallet. To be clear once again, I paid for this plane myself and I have no affiliation with Horizon Hobby (though I wish I did lol). I have been a fan of their stuff since I started in this hobby because they seem to have products for every level of this great hobby. And, with a few exceptions, their stuff is great and is backed by wonderful customer service. If you are looking for a great flying micro plane that doesn't need a fancy charger or a huge place to fly, the new T-28 is the answer. Also, for those of you in the northern states, you know the warm weather will be over soon, so you'll need a new little bird for those indoor fly-ins! So now go order one! :)


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