E-flite UMX Cirrus SR22T BNF Basic Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- Stock UMX SR22T

- Eflite 2s 280mAH lipo

- Spektrum DX9


- Amazing scale details

- Beautiful!

- LEDs preinstalled

- Brushless 2s power yeah!!!

- Flies really well

- Good flight time


- Landing gear is weak

- Oddly hard to land

- Kinda big for a micro


I'm going to keep this short because my video review is pretty lengthy and detailed. I have always loved the Cirrus SR22 long before I even got into RC. When I started flying, there was one balsa model that I wanted, but by the time I was up for making the switch from foam to balsa, it was discontinued. Then Horizon launched a giant scale version, but it was too much cheese for my wallet. Then, a park sized foamie was launched, and I was tempted, but I do try to mostly stay away from foam if I can help it. When this UMX version was announced, I instantly fell in love with the looks. I was impressed at the clear canopy and other details that went into its design. I placed my order and waited.


Unboxing and Setup:

The first thing that surprised me when my SR22T arrived was the size of the box. More surprising was the size of plane! I definitely like that micros have mostly gone brushless, but I think at this point, they might want to call them minis. The SR22T has almost double the wing span of my trusty ol' T-28 micro.


As I expected, the plane is beautiful. There are tons of nice scale details including LEDs on the wing tips. One thing that made me a tiny bit nervous was how weak the landing gear felt, especially the front. As for programming and CG, I went with the manual for pretty much everything, but I added more expo.



For flying this little SR22T, you're going to need a relatively smooth runway. At the very least packed dirt like the inside of a baseball infield. There is plenty of power to get airborne but be light on the elevator or it kinda jerks upward kind of abruptly.

Once you are in the air, the SR22T flies great! It can fly pretty slow but speeds up nicely. Rolls on high rates are pretty tight and smooth. Inverted flight is also fairly simple and pulling out of it is easy peasy. It is an absolute joy to fly and it looks so damn good flying around.


Now the bad part of my review. So far, I have found landing this little guy to be a total bitch. My best landings have been on windier days when I can come in with substantial throttle with the wind pushing against the plane. Other than those landings, I feel like I either come down with a tip stall, or I have to push it down from fast flight. Neither have resulted in greased landings. I may not be the best pilot but I do generally land nicely. I don't know if it's a CG thing, but whatever the case, I am not happy with how I have been bringing this thing down. Adding to that is the result of these hard landings popped one of my rear landing gear out and also bent my front strut. Both were easily fixed but that is beside the point. As much as I love this thing, until I figure out the landing scene, it will be a shelf queen.



At the end of the day, I'm still going to recommend this plane and give Horizon Hobby the benefit of the doubt and assume I am doing something wrong. However, if you do end up purchasing this, go into it knowing you also may beef your landings. So far I have had to subscribers to my channel tell me they are having issues landing also! If you know the answer to this issue, please email me and I will add a note here and to the video description. I would love to say Horizon hit another one out of the park, but I can't in this case. I want to love it, but those couple issues are currently stopping me. Be warned!


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