UMX Sport Cub S BNF Review

Image Credit: Horizon Hobby

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- UMX Sport Cub S BNF

- Spektrum DX9

- Eflite 1s 150mah 45c batteries



- Beautiful looking plane

- Good price

- AS3X adds stability

- Easy to land

- FPV ready

- Floats ready

- 4 channels!


- None worth noting



When I started flying almost 5 years ago, like many of you, I started with the Hobbyzone Champ.  It was a great plane for getting started, and the price was pretty attractive, though, for anyone that flying came naturally to, you outgrew it in an outing or two.  As I progressed to larger models in the last several years, I pretty much shelved the micros I had and pretty much used them as decorations.  Some of the cooler ones that have come out have either been too expensive (for a micro), or too fast for where I fly micros (my townhouse parking lot).  When the UMX Sport Cub S came out, it seemed like the perfect candidate for some parking lot flying fun!



For my first flight, I tried out the beginner mode.  I can see where a true beginner would benefit from this mode.  It doesn't allow you to make any drastic movements and it self rights itself in flight after you stop giving stick input.  The plane also pretty much lands itself if you point it into the wind.  If you are a true beginner, fly over grass until you get the hang of it, since the thin foam can break if you crash it hard enough.  Cutting throttle completely against the wind however, generally won't let you crash hard.   For my purposes though, the beginner mode didn't suit me.  I need to make some tight turns when flying in my neighborhood, and I like flying inverted sometimes, and doing some loops and rolls.  The Sport Cub doesn't roll too well out of the box, but if you adjust the placement of the pushrods on he clevises, you should be able to roll a little tighter.


As usual, you'll hear the complaints about E-Flite using the same brushed motors in most of their UMX series.  The fact is, this plane doesn't need more power than it has.  It is a wonderfully floaty plane in the air and it takes off within a few feet.  The AS3X allows it to fly in slightly higher speed winds, though, again, if you are a beginner, build up to flying in wind. I find I get about 6 to 8 minutes with the stock battery using a mix of high and low throttle.  I would say you could safely set your timer to 6 minutes and not have to worry about LVC kicking in.  Some guys have been opening the battery slot a bit more to fit a 250mah battery in there, but I honestly do not see a need for that. I prefer to have a few extra batteries on hand if I want to fly more.


Another cool thing about this plane is that it is compatible with the micro floats made for the UMX Carbon Cub.  I don't have any footage of that yet, but they work great, and the Sport Cub looks awesome flying off the water.  The ability to fly extremely slow, make it a great plane for flying inside also.  Where I live, our winters are pretty cold, so flying outside is not always an option.  Our club rents out a local school gym and we all fly micros.  The Sport Cub can comfortably fly in an area as small as one basketball court for experienced pilots, and 2 to 3 for inexperienced pilots.


In conclusion, the Sport Cub S is a perfect plane for a true beginner.  I would suggest starting with this plane versus the Champ.  Once you get the hang of the Champ, you'll want ailerons and have to buy another plane anyway... so you may as well start here.  Plus, with the ability to use floats and even hook up micro FPV equipment to this plane, it's truly a no-brainer decision here.  For the experienced pilot, the Sport Cub S is a beautiful little plane you can display in your office and go fly on your lunch breaks or take to the indoor get-togethers.  The price is attractive and the fun and versatility make it a great value.  I would recommend this any day of the week to any pilot.  As you see I haven't made any negative comments... there truly aren't any that I can make at this point.


Final score, Plane rating: A | Quality rating: A | Ease of build: N/A | Value: A+


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