Dromida Verso RTF Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

Dromida Verso RTF all stock



- Verso Drone with Radio

- 1S 350mah LiPo Battery

- USB Charger

- Extra set of Blades

- Four AA Batteries and Instructions


- Awesome looking

- Durable

- Good flight time

- Cheap

- Nice transmitter

- 3 flight rates

- Ability to fly inverted

- Ability to flip


- None yet


Dromida is on a roll. They are 3 for 3 with their last three quads. The same love I have for the Ominus and Vista UAV, I now have for the Verso.  I honestly don’t know how Dromida sells quality quads for so much less than the competition and even make them compatible with their SLT Tactic radio systems.  So lets get to it.


Out of the box:

My order from Tower Hobbies came quickly and packaged really well. The Verso comes nicely packed with everything you need to get flying plus a few extras.  As far as boxes go, the Verso’s box and packing are top notch.  The box holds everything well and makes a great carrying case if you go to a lot of indoor events.


Upon inspection of the quad, I found the frame to be reminiscent of the Blade Nano series of quads.  The arms with the integrated prop guards look the same but feel a bit stronger than the Blade version.  I also found the canopy to be a much nicer quality than what I’ve seen on quads this size, AND it looks super cool… by far the coolest looking in it’s class. The battery is also a nice capacity for this size quad, while most others use 200mah, this uses a 350mah battery.  Though it’s mostly standard at this point, it is nice to get extra blades and batteries for the transmitter.  And speaking of the transmitter, this is a GREAT transmitter for being part of a $39.99 dollar RTF quad.  It is a nice size and even has a screen!  So let’s get to the flight.



Getting the Verso in the air is as simple as turning on the transmitter, plugging in the battery, and pushing the throttle all the way up then back down to arm the quad.  The transmitter has 3 flight settings, each progressively more responsive.  I would suggest the lowest rates for tight spaces indoors, the medium rate for bigger rooms and outside, and of course the high rates for zooming around outside or inside of a gym.  Flying inverted and flipping the Verso is possible in any of the three flight modes.  Flipping the quad upside down is done the same way you are used to flipping.  Click the flip button and pick a side.  The quad will roll inverted to the way you pick.  While inverted, the Verso’s flight assistance technology will keep controls identical to flying right side up.  The Verso flies wonderfully smooth both normal and inverted. It is remarkably stable and extremely easy to fly on low rates.  My personal favorite is the medium rates. I pretty much only use the high rates for speed runs.   I love how it looks while inverted, but the neat canopy makes it great to watch right side up also.  In all of my test flights, I am averaging around 7 minutes or so with lots of flipping.


NOTE: If you choose to backward or forward to flip inverted, the tail now becomes the front.  Still easy to fly, but realize the tail is now the front.  If you get too confused, land if you can or try to crash softly.  Once you have throttled all the way down, the flight orientation will go back to default settings.  Also, if you actually want to do full flips instead of flying inverted, hold the flip button down for about two seconds, and when you hear a beep you have now switched from half flip (to inverted) to full flip.


I didn’t plan on fully testing the durability of this quad since I like it so much, however, during one of my test flights, I slammed the cream cheese out it into my sliding glass door.  I was trying to see how tight of a space I could fly on high rates while rapidly flipping it inverted and back again.  I mistakenly flipped it forward instead of sideways and lost orientation. It was definitely a hard hit and with the props spinning. I expected to find a few cracks, a broken prop or a bent motor shaft, but there was no damage at all. With the light weight of the quad I think it will be hard to damage. Not saying it’s invincible, but it is strong enough to take some abuse.  If you do actually break something, like the other Dromida quads, parts are so cheap, you will not fear having to replace anything. The parts literally cost less than what the average person spends on lunch… a cheap lunch. Also, I haven’t tried it yet, but the specs list the Verso as being compatible with the SLT Tactic transmitters, which is awesome for those of you that like flying with a full sized transmitter.



The Dromida Verso is a very capable micro quadcopter that is also totally stable enough and docile enough for a first time pilot.  Some folks have tried to use the ultra-tiny sized quads as their first quads only to find out they are twitchy and hard to see.  Others have started with bigger quads only to find out how fast they can get moving and how hard they can be to fly indoors.  The Verso is truly the perfect size and capability to fly indoors and also to get a little outdoor experience with. If you are a newbie, only try flying outside on a calm day at first.  Of course experienced pilots will be able to fly with higher winds.  I’ll post some video soon of some outdoor flight with some windy conditions. I know I am starting to sound like the president of the Dromida club, but I can’t help it, these last few quads have been awesome and at an unbeatable price.  The Blade Nano 3d RTF (the Verso’s closest competition) costs TWICE as much as the Verso.  If you want a first quad that you can grow into, this is for you. If you are an experienced pilot, and you want a small quad with some great capabilities that can do more than flipping, you can’t go wrong with the Verso either. I find myself selling off my other quads with each new Dromida quad I get.  I love it and I think you will too! Remember to order another battery, because even though you get about 7 minutes, you'll want to keep flying!


See the 1st video below for indoor flight in one room, and the 2nd video for outdoor flight with all 3 rates in 6mph wind.


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