VueXL VX1 FPV Goggles Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


- Screen Size: 4.3 inch

- Resolution: 480*234

- Charging: supports USB charge

- Frequency: 48 frequency, compatible with most 5.8G transmitter in the market

(DJI, UIT, FatShark, Aomway, Boscam)

- SMA Connector Type: RP-SMA

Antenna: 5.8ghz  +5db Linear Polarized

- Mounting: VX1 Goggle mount or 1/4-20 Tiltable tripod mount


- Easy to set up and start flying

- LONG LONG LONG battery life

- Not as bulky as HeadPlay HDs

- Top strap helps keep them in place

- Several options for use


- 480x234 resolution is horrendous

- Will likely cover your nose

- Well designed but feels cheap

- Stretches image out sideways

- Magnifying lenses make the resolution look worse than it already is


So I am still newish to FPV, mostly because I haven't found the sweet spot for a headset. I went into the VX1 with high hopes, but they were dashed pretty quickly.  I started with Attitude V2 goggles, and though they worked great, were compact and had a good image, I just couldn't get comfortable with them on. In order to have them stay on my face, I had to tighten them to the point of almost hurting. Even then, I had to make a funny fake smile to hold them up aligned with my eyes.  I also wanted to be able to share them, but with the need for diopters, who ever put them on saw a slightly blurry image.


I was advised by a few friends to buy the Head Play HD goggles, but there was a waiting list and at around $260 shipped, I didn't like the cost of the risk for the enormous headset.  I then heard some hype about the VueXL VX1 goggles coming out.  They looks similar to the Head Plays, but smaller, lighter weight, and easier to use... and also, about $80 cheaper. So, with all that in mind, I took the plunge.


What you get is pretty complete and very straight forward.  The instructions are excellent, the cheat sheet is a nice addition, and getting the goggles fitted and set up is pretty much a breeze.  I could feel myself getting happier and starting to pat myself on the back for making a good decision.  THEN, I tried them out.


My initial testing was done with a micro camera/tx from Horizon.  They are lower resolution, and only 25mw, so I wasn't surprised when what I saw in my goggles was kind of crappy.  What did bother me on top of that though, was the fact that the widescreen of format of the screen, stretches the video out sideways and distorts what you are seeing.  That certainly doesn't make for any type of precision flying.


Hoping for the best, I took off the stock antenna, and added my fancy blue beam ultra.  I then powered up my 250mw tx with a 600TVL camera on my favorite quad.  Sadly, the video feed was almost just as bad as with the micro camera/tx.  I don't know who I could really recommend these to.  I beginner would likely be disappointed or not have a good experience and end up walking away from FPV.  Normal Fat Shark goggles might not be for you either if you wear corrective lenses and don't want to diopters, however, even the lowest end Fat Shark goggles give you a better image than these do.  On top of the low resolution video, it is almost excessively bright in certain situations.  Some folks at the very least might find them more comfortable than other products on the market, but until VueXL comes out with a higher resolution version, I'd recommend you pass on these and maybe look to the Head Plays.  I hope to review them at some point, perhaps after I sell these.


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