E-Flite Whipit Review

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

- Eflite 150mah 1s

- Spektrum Radio


- Fun:Price ratio is one you can't beat

- Fly it anywhere

- Long flight time/ battery lasts forever


- Tape holds the tail surfaces, tends to break away if you land conventionally


I have always wanted to try a Discus Launch Glider. Horizon Hobby has made a little plane that filled that void in my hangar. I was anxious for the first flight, but there's no need to worry about it. Toss it up in the air to start the fun, and try to keep it in flight for as long as you can. But do try to fly it back to you for a catch or into some soft dirt or grass. The rudder extends below the tail boom so many landings will eventually wear away the foam and loosen the tape holding it in place. Take into consideration the foam, after a few chucks into the air the wing starts to wrinkle a bit but it does affect its flight performance.



I usually dread trips to the beach because I have to leave my hobby behind and I end up being bored in lulls between meals. So the Whipit came along in the car and it is a blast. The calm wind from the ocean is enough to keep it floating. Being unpowered it has the tendency to porpoise with too much elevator so a good balance of down and up elevator will keep the flights level and longer. When you feel as if the Whipit begins a stall a gentle nose down push of the right stick keeps it moving forward. Some of the sea birds actually took a dive at it making for some extra entertainment.


If you haven't given a DLG a try and want to, for $69.99, from a leading company in RC, with the quality Horizon Hobby customer service this is the plane to try. Oh yeah, and you burn a few calories!