RC Gear Shop Vaavud Smartphone Wind Speed Meter Red Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner


Dimensions:  4.5 x 0.5 x 2.5"

Weight:  0.60oz (17g)

Jack size:  3.5mm

Wind Range:  2-20 m/s (up to 24 m/s on iPhone 5 and up to 48 m/s

on Samsung Galaxy S4).

Resolution: 0,1 m/s

Precision: +/- 4%/ 0,25 m/s


App required for use with your phone


- Small

- Durable

- Accurate

- Comes with clip and neoprene case

- Perfect for the flying field

- Inexpensive!

- iOS and Android compatible




How many times have you checked the local weather/wind reports, only to get to the field and find the wind blowing harder that expected?  How many of your fields have a dilapidated windsock or no windsock at all?  For that matter, how many of you don't really know how to accurately read a windsock? I personally fall into the category of having a field that has a novelty windsock that doesn't really work at showing windspeed or even the wind direction!  Not only that, but the closest weather station to my field is about 5 miles away.  The closest weather station to my home (where I fly micros) is about 7 miles away.  As you all know, wind speed and patterns can be quite different in those distances depending on landscape and topography.


With all of this in mind, I started looking for portable wind meters. I had searched a few years ago when I started flying RC, and couldn't find anything reasonably priced. I looked on Amazon and saw the Vaavud branded products.  I wanted to compare prices and googled Vaavud.  I was pretty excited when I saw that Tower Hobbies had started carrying the Vaavud line of wind meters under their RC Gear Shop brand.


Out of the box:

I ordered the Vaavud Wind Meter from Tower Hobbies to get the extra few bucks off using their coupon codes (I had to order a few other things too).  The meter comes nicely packaged and with everything you need to get your started.  The iPhone-esque box holds a clip, the 2-cup wind meter, and a nice neoprene case for transport and storage.



Not much required to get this little meter going.  Download the app, go oustide, stick the 3.5 plug into your headphone jack, and follow the intuitive prompts to get your measurements.  It really couldn't get simpler.  The wind meter itself does not have any internal electronics, but the internal magnets work with the phone and app to do the algorithms to get the reading.  It's pretty cool to see the map in the app to view other users readings and to see your own measurement history.  It is remarkably accurate for being such a small, inexpensive device.  I even went to the the closest weather station and took a reading close to it and got the same reading.



The RC Gear Shop Vaavud wind meter is a must have for any one who flies RC or even folks that are getting started in amateur weather watching. Currently priced at about $40, you can't beat it, though for $20 more, RC Gear Shop Vaavud offer a similar wind meter that also gives you the wind direction. The portability, durability and ease of use make this a great addition to your flight bag. It's also good for bragging rights when you want to show off to your friends that you flew a park sized plane in 20 mph wind :)


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