HPI WR8 Flux Ken Block Ford Fiesta Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

All Stock HPI WR8 Flux

2s 5000mah lipo battery

Spektrum DX4S

Sense Innovations Ess-One Sound System


- 1/8 scale

- Badass

- Badass again

- Built strong with aluminum chassis

- Handles 2s or 3s

- Fast as heck, even stock

- Looks awesome

- Great tires

- Sway bars already installed

- Awesome handling

- Runs great on lots of surfaces


- Can "too fun" be a con? :)

- Can't believe I have zero complaints


Again, I am going to start this review by reminding everyone that I am not one to go into detail on the specs, or what they mean, and technical jargon about fine tuning.  As I've mentioned in my other surface reviews, I'm what I like to call an expert newb.  I know enough to get around in the hobby and know good from bad, I just haven't messed around enough with locking diffs, changing shock or diff oils or anything like that.  Even with the couple of kits I have put together, I have stuck with mostly stock suggestions.


When I started in this hobby a few years back, like many other people, I followed the path of Traxxas and ECX.  They do make great vehicles for beginners and experts alike, but after you have been 4 or 5, you have covered all of their chassis, and probably repeated at least one.  Both of those companies are notorious for rehashing parts they already make to create something slightly different.  I knew I wanted something different from a different company but wasn't sure which.  As a long time fan of rally racing, I started to research RC rally cars.  I was delighted to see there were many options, but disappointed to either fine too much or too little information on them.  Then, like a gift from above, I found that Jang from UltimateRC had done an entire series on rally cars from different manufacturers.  I threw my research aside and watched probably an hour of footage and commentary.  It seemed like all of the ones he tested for the most part, looked better than they performed... except for one.  The one that stood out to him was the HPI WR8.  I was pretty happy about that since it had been the best looking of the bunch.  I'm also a fan of Ken Block so that made the decision even more of a no-brainer.


I placed my order with Tower (who doesn't love their discount codes!) and started my wait.  Lucky for me, Tower shipped it out quickly and it got to my house before the end of the week.  When it got here, I wasted zero time in getting it ready for action.  I charged up a 2s and 3s and switched out the radio (I'm partial to my own radio) and headed outside.  Even though I had seen Jang's footage, I wanted to do some of the testing myself.  Of course the car was BRILLIANT on pavement, that's what it is made for.  The pre-installed sway bars, great tires, and good balance make for a great driving experience.  I finally felt like a good driver!  My basher vehicles are fun, but there is not a whole lot of precision to driving them.  The WR8 is amazing.  I took it to the closest baseball field and tore up the infield.  Awesome there too, even with the street tires.  I finally ran it in some dried, clumpy, short grass that was interspersed with gravel... again, freakin' awesome.  My video below only shows asphalt driving and some plush grass driving.  It doesn't do well in plush grass, but I didn't expect it to, it is certainly not made for that.  Oh, I haven't mentioned the speed.  This sucker is FAST.   2s is certainly fast enough.  I usually drive it on 2s... pretty much the only time I drive on 3s is when I want to show off it's speed.  Be careful on 3s, the WR8 is a freakin' bullet, and it's build like a tank... so if you hit yourself or something else, something is going to break... or bruise. After hours of driving the WR8, we have broken ZERO parts... even after some head on and sliding impacts with the curb. I am truly at a loss for words to convey to you how much I love this vehicle.  The only negatives I have ever heard were from BigSquidRC.  I was not very surprised as I find I generally do not agree with their assessments... either that or we look at different things when we try something new.  If you want confirmation of how great this vehicle is, I suggest you watch Jang's review of it here.


I am tempted to write about every single time I have driven it, and the smiles and satisfaction it gives me, but that would just be boring. Since I got mine, they HPI has changed the body livery, but it is still the same vehicle.  If you are in the market for a rally car, look no further thn the HPI WR8 Flux.  You'll love it.  Oh, and one last thing, the sound you hear from my WR8 is from the Sense Innovations Ess-One Sound System, definitely not included with the WR8.


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