Tenergy Syma X8SW WIFI FPV Drone Limited Edition (Exclusive Black Yellow Color) Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- All stock equipment

- iPhone 6


- Nice looking

- Easy on the wallet

- Easy to fly for beginners

- Camera is easily removable

- Barometric sensor holds altitude

- Removable legs for transport

- Good flight time (about 10 mins)

- From a reputable company

- Decent camera quality


- No replacement parts available except for propellers

- No SD card included


So before I get started, I want everyone to know that clearly, this review is geared more toward people that are new to RC and new to drones/camera drones. I would hesitate to call the X8SW a toy, but it also is not exactly hobby grade. I won't call it fully hobby grade mostly because this drone is not repairable with replacement parts. Currently, the only parts you can get are extra props. That said, I'm pretty sure the props are the only things you may actually damage with this quad. As you can see by my site, I fly all kinds of quads, from micro FPV quads all the way up to DJI quads. This is pretty familiar territory for me and I feel I can give you the straight dope on this quad.


Unboxing and Set-Up:

The X8SW comes nicely packaged and I would recommend you keep the box in case you want a ready made carrying case later.  You get everything you need except for the SD card for recording. You get the flight battery, prop guards, 2 full sets of propellers, charger, camera, phone holder,  and some tools. The only "building" you have to do is attaching the camera, legs, and propellers. If you are new to flying, I do recommend attaching the prop guards, but since I have quite a bit of experience with quads, I left them off.


If you want to use your phone to see what the camera is seeing when you take pictures and videos, you will need to download SYMA's app for your iPhone or Android device and connect the phone holder to your transmitter. The manual will walk you through getting connected to the quads wifi so you can see what you are shooting.  The Once you have your battery charged you are ready to fly.



Below is a video of my first flight with the X8SW. I think I got the binding out of order, but I got through the rest of the process without a hitch. Having flown quads with similar size and specs, I was expecting the X8SW to fly squirrelly and unstable. What I experienced was quite the opposite. The X8SW is remarkably stable in flight. Worth noting is the barometric sensor that is built into the quad. If you are not familiar with what it does, it actually allows the quad to stay at the same altitude once you have let go of the throttle stick. This is a feature things like DJI Phantom's have, though Phantom's also lock into GPS coordinates to keep your quad fully in place. While the X8SW does not have GPS, the barometric sensor does give you one less thing to worry about when you are trying to shoot video or take pictures. I really like that you are able to control the camera with the transmitter. You can't move the camera around, but you can start and stop video and snap pictures with buttons on the controller.


Moving on, the X8SW is by no means a fast moving quad, the video shows how fast it will go. This is a good thing. Remember, you are trying to fly in a stable manner and get the feel for controlling a quad. You are also probably trying to catch some video or take some shots. While the camera isn't fully HD, the footage is decent (watch the last couple minutes of the video for onboard footage) and the snap shots are good enough (the last few pics above are taken with the X8SW). You have to remember, this is a relatively inexpensive quad and generally geared toward beginners. I am part of a DJI forum on facebook, and I'd say 7 out of 10 of them started with a SYMA quad like this. The rest of them either dove in and crashed a few times, or they are guys like me with several years of RC experience under my belt.


This quad has a flip function, but I did not use it in my video, nor do I plan on using it at all. I have seen other videos of guys doing it with this model, but I just don't see a big reason to do it. If you are new to the hobby, you might not give it enough room to lost altitude after the flip and you may smack it into the ground. Even then, it gets old pretty quickly. If you must do it, make sure you are at least 20 feet high and make sure you have mastered controlling the quad. The X8SW has the ability to adjust trim, but I didn't need to with mine. It did drift, but I was flying it in pretty gusty winds. Just so you know, the X8SW does not have variable rates. Some quads have a switch you can move to get a more responsive flight mode. With this quad, I think it is a good thing.

I think SYMA wanted to ensure you didn't kill this quad by getting out of your comfort zone too quickly.



What can I say other than I am pleasantly surprised at the overall performance of this quad. It has a few shortcomings but the low price point negates that. I will say it performed better than one of the quads I tested last year that cost twice as much. The only thing the other quad has on the X8SW is that it has parts support and any part of it can be fixed or rebuilt. I would definitely recommend this quad to any beginner that does not want to kill their wallet on their first quad, or someone who just wants an easy to fly quad to get some aerial video or pictures. Another selling point is that it is on Amazon!


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