Extreme Flight Yak 54 EXP 48" (Mini-Review)

Review by Mitchell Cherry

Equipment Used:

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3548 830kv

ESC: Hobbyking Red Brick 70A

Servo: Turnigy High Torque (don't know the number)

Battery: Turnigy Nano-tech 4s 2600 mAh 65c

Prop: Xoar 14x6 electric


- Great Quality

- Awesome trim scheme

- Sturdy Landing gear

- Flys very well


- Being so light, it needs extra attention when handling

- Flys well but can be tricky in wind and some flight orientations



I will start this off by saying that I did not personally build the plane nor was it equipped with recommended equipment. I bought it second hand and it was equipped with cheaper electronics.  That said, the quality of this airplane is very nice. I went through the instruction manual and found this model was not a particularly hard build. It uses the basic building techniques that any other model does. The plane is extremely light but strong all the right places. That being said, you still have to be gentle with plane when transporting due to how light it is. The trim scheme is very nice on the airplane on the airplane and is by far one of my favorites on the market.


In the air, the Yak flies like a dream! It feels much larger than a 48" wingspan airplane. Low rates make the Yak really tame allowing for nice sport and precision flying. High rates turn this little plane into an animal. It is really a 3D machine. The Yak features the signature EXP horizontal stab and elevator giving a ton of authority with its oversized surfaces. I love flying with SFG's and the Yak has a set included. They make knife edge flight a breeze and add to stability in high alpha situations. Remove them and the Yak becomes a little less "locked in" giving the ability to do some radicle tumbles that SFG's would normally prevent.


The setup I have isn't one that I personally would have outfitted the model brand new with, but does do quite well performance wise. I bet with the top quality equipment the Yak would be that much better.  Extreme flight has had a reputation for making nice models, and this one is no exception. This is my first Extreme Flight model and won't be my last.