Phoenix Models Yak 54 (Mini-Review)

Review by Eric Bradley, Staff Contributor

Equipment Used:

OS .46ax

Spektrum DS821 servos

Hobbico hydrimax 6v 2000mah battery

AR7000 receiver

Master airscrew 11x6


-easy build

-great tracking in the air

-wonderfully smooth aerobatics

-unique covering scheme

-built sturdy

-awesome price for a Yak 54


- the plane was built a little on the heavy side

-plastic for the canopy and the pilot figure was thin, and made the pilot look cheap and toy like


It's an awesome flying plane if you like sport flying, it will tumble roll and knife edge well. The .46 had plenty of power to pull vertical, didn't hover well because it was nose heavy even with the suggested CG. It's fast when you want it to be and gentle for landings on shorter flying areas. I would recommend this as a second airplane as an entry model for pilots wanting more agility in their models but not looking for a 3D capable plane.