Aeroworks 50cc Yak 55m QB Review

Review by Mitchell Cherry


- Wing Span 86 Inches

- Wing Area 1333 Square Inches

- Fuse Length 75 Inches (Rudder to Front of Cowl) 78 Inches (Rudder to Front of Spinner)

- Cowl Width 9.5 Inches

- Weight 17 to 18 Pounds

- Engine 50cc to 60cc Gas

- Spinner Size 3.5 Inches

- Radio 6 Channels Minimum

Equipment Used:

- DLE 61

- JTEC Standard Pitts Muffler

- AR 9110 Powersafe RX

- AeroTech Ultra IBEC

- Power HD Storm 3 servos on all surfaces

- Milehigh RC Blue 3.25” spinner

- Milehigh RC 24x10 Carbon Prop

- 2x Pulse 7.4v 2550mAh batteries

- Extremeflight 24oz fuel tank

- China aluminum 1.5” servo arms


- Strong, well-built model

- High quality

- Amazing color scheme

- Excellent customer service

- Flies on rails


- Standard muffler will not fit

- Non-paper instructions

Building the Yak 55m:

This airplane is my fifth Aeroworks build and it did not stray away from the usual quality that I am used to. All parts and pieces that were supposed to be included with the airframe were in the box ready to be assembled. The covering is excellent with this particular airframe. It is so nice that one our friends thought the Yak was a composite airplane instead of wood construction. The shipping company did not like my airplane very much because they left a few broken spots on the airframe but I wasn’t anything so severe that I couldn’t fix it. I followed the instructions on every part of this airframe and it gave me no issues whatsoever. The only thing that was different with this build was the install of the rudder on the airplane. This was a bit different due to the plane featuring the scale pocket style hinges. I made sure to read the instructions a few times before installing and it turned out great. The pull-pull setup was very easy and it may be my best setup yet. A unique thing about this airframe is the two piece landing gear. They mount differently but Aeroworks does a great job with construction to insure a strong mount location. The cowling fits very snug when using a pitts muffler rather than a standard muffler. I about destroyed my cowling to figure out that unless you have an extremely slim standard muffler you will need a pitts muffler or run a canister muffler. Aeroworks does recommend this but I didn’t want to buy the pitts muffler. If I would have been smart and bought it in the first place I would still have a slick looking cowl. Overall the build was extremely uneventful and the Yak fell together.


Flight with the Yak 55m:

My first day out with the Yak went how every maiden should go. I was able to put for solid flights without issues. I was also able to see just what this airplane could do since my engine was broken in on two previous airframes. My CG is set just forward of neutral which really allowed me to see how precise this airframe could be. All I can say is this is a very very fun airplane! With the forward CG the Yak was rock solid on just about every line it flew. This Yak fits the definition of “Flying on Rails”. The DLE 61 is a TON of motor in this airframe and is not lacking power by any regard. Rockets on up lines and has crazy speed on level passes. It was keeping up with a 119 mph Ugly Stick on level passes and out climbed the stick by a ridiculous rate.


3D flight was achieved pretty easily even with the forward CG which surprised me. I knew that the Yak 55m was more of a precision airframe over a 3D airframe but it performed very well in hovers and high alpha flight. It retains the usual “Yak Wing Rock” that most scale Yaks have but it was very manageable. I plan on moving by batteries further aft which should make the 3D flight even better. I am looking forward getting more flights on this beast.


Final Thoughts on the Yak:

This Aeroworks Yak 55m is a unique and extremely good flying plane. It is nice to stray away from the common Extra and Edge airframes and still have a blast in the extreme aerobatic class. You just can’t beat the build quality of the Aeroworks Yak 55m.