Twisted Hobbys 35" EPP ZORRO Wing Review

Review by Adrian Apodaca, RealRCReviews Owner

Equipment Used:

- Crack Series 26g 1450kv Motor

- 2x T-Pro 9gram metal gear servos

- Lemon DMSX 6ch Receiver

- Crack Series 12A ESC

- 8x4DD GWS Prop

- 3s800mah Batteries

- Welders Glue and CA


- Great looking plane

- Easy and quick to build

- Very affordable

- Looooong flight time

- Agile

- Easy to launch

- Durable



Not a single one to report unless

"TOO FUN" counts


I have never been a huge fan of flying wings, but honestly, I think it was largely based on a fear of hand launching, and of course, never really having flown one.  A few years ago, a buddy of mine gave me a Twisted Hobbys Edge 540 and I loved it. It met it's demise not by my flying, but my my son tripping on it and smashing it. With other projects in the way, I just shelved the electronics to that plane for over a year. Finally, with this winter in full swing, I started thinking about what I could build on the cheap. I remembered I had the ESC and motor from my Edge 540, so I looked around Twisted Hobby's site for planes that used that setup. I stumbled upon the "wing" section and fell in love with the looks of the Zorro. It matched the motor/esc I had, so I ordered it from Twisted Hobbys and bounced over to eBay for my cheap metal gear servos.


Out of the box:

My Zorro arrived well boxed and really well protected. All the pieces of the plane were secured nicely in the box. To save everyone money and paper, they point you to the PDF of the manual online. Print it if you prefer paper, but I just used my iPad. One thing that really struck me about this kit was how darn good it looked. Sometimes printing on EPP foam can look crappy, but the Zorro looks really pretty. I really loved the vibrant red. After inspecting all of the parts, I set it aside to build later that night.



So how many times have you bought an plane and started building it according to the manual, only to find some steps incomplete or unclear. Then you have to "google it" or skim through 100 pages of rcgroups forums to get to the next step. Well, get all of that out of your head with the Zorro Wing. This is honestly the FIRST time in all the builds I have ever done, where I felt the manual was complete and detailed every step. Not once did I have to look elsewhere for the answers I needed for the build. Each step in the PDF is written clearly and concisely AND includes a picture of the part they are talking about. Twisted Hobbys gets a big gold star for their manual!


As for the build itself, this was one of the easiest planes I have ever put together. The only thing that slows you down is waiting for glue to dry. This can definitely be completed in one evening if you start early enough, just don't rush the glue as you don't want the parts to shift and be permanently crooked. A few of of the things I was worried about ended up being totally non-issues. I had feared hinging the elevons, but they come pre-done! Woohoo! I also feared having to measure and place the carbon fiber rods and control surface horns. Again, if you just follow the manual, you'll pretty much get it right the first time. The good thing about EPP, is if you make a slit in the wrong place, you can just glue it and re-cut. Try not to do that though. The one thing I did that I want to share is how I did the carbon fiber rods. I did my measurements and then placed a T-pin at the end of where the rods needed to go and also put one in the center. Then, I held my ruler against the center T-pin and end T-pin and made my slit with my exacto blade. I did the same thing for the other side. This ensured I got a totally straight line while only using an 18" ruler. Once I had my rods in place on the one side, I pushed the T-pins all the way through the wing. This helped me cut a corner by not having to re-measure on the flip side. With the pins pushing through, I was able to just flip the wing over, hold my ruler against the pins and make my slits. You can use that method or follow the manual, either way, you will be done pretty quickly.


As for programming my radio, I went roughly with the recommended throws and expos listed in the manual. One thing that never works for me is achieving the longest throws with my servos. Either I don't measure right, or I'm not using long enough control arms. Either way, using the T-Pro servos I bought, my highest rates are set at a full 100% throw with about 60% expo. My medium rates are at 75% and 50% expo, and my lowest rates are 65% and 50% expo. I don't know that I'll ever use my low rates, but I had the most fun on high rates. I'll probably use medium rates once I start flying FPV with this. I did install a camera/VTX combo, but the times I have flown the Zorro, it's been too windy for FPV.



Finally onto my flights with the Zorro. As I mentioned, I have stayed away from wings and other hand launch planes out of fear of beefing the plane with a bad launch... or even worse, cutting my hand with a prop as I launch. Well, with the Zorro wing, you can pretty much throw it any way you want to with a little throttle and you are good to go. As you'll see in my video below, I hold the wing with one hand, move my throttle to about mid way, and then literally, just let the plane go. The light plane with the strong motor easily power the Zorro out of your hand. It is awesome.


As for the flight experience itself, I can't even begin to put into words how much freakin' fun this plane is. I own planes of all types and sizes and I must say this is the most fun I have had with a plane in a really long time. What adds to the experience is not worrying that you are going to destroy a big expensive plane. Not only is this plane inexpensive but EPP is also durable as snot. You would really have to cream the bejesus out of this plane to make it unfit for flight.  This thing rolls, twirls, spirals, inverts easy as pie, has almost unlimited vertical... and again is just plain ol' fun. If you do not enjoy flying this plane, you may want to see a doctor.  I wish I had a camera facing my face while I made the video below, that way you could see how much fun I was having. I will be sure to update this review once I actually fly it FPV. I didn't want to bog the plane down with FPV gear, so I opted for a Cricket Camera/VTX combo with a harness that gets it's power from the receiver. With my 3s800mah batteries and the tiny camera/vtx combo, the plane balances perfectly.



This is only the second plane I have ever owned from Twisted Hobbys and I have had awesome experiences with both. The quality and design of the Zorro is excellent and is perfect for the gear they recommend for it.  When it comes to EPP, Twisted Hobbys knows exactly how to do it. I am dying to get my hands on some of their other offerings too. If you have been considering a wing, want an inexpensive and agile FPV plane, or just a nice all around parkflyer, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Zorro. I have absolutely ZERO negative to say about this plane. I feel weird doing that, as there are usually some cons with most planes, but I really can't thing of one. Also, just so you know, I paid for this plane 100%, so get it out of your head if you think this is a shill review. I can show you my invoice! :)  I assume you all trust us more than that at this point as we've been calling it like it is since we started the site. With all that said, head on over to Twisted Hobbys website and get yourself a Zorro!


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